Holly Sonders Flaunts Curves In Gorgeous, Formfitting Brown Bodysuit In Sexy Instagram Post

holly sonders snaps a selfie
Holly Sonders / Instagram

Instagram model Holly Sonders showed off her sexy curves in a form-fitting brown bodysuit in a smoldering post on Tuesday in which she told her fans she’s open to answering personal questions.

In the photos, Sonders wore a pair of cream-colored high heels and held a clutch intended to look like a wad of fake cash as she squatted on the ground. Her brownish bodysuit hugged her curves, conservatively covering the front bits while leaving her back exposed. A portion of a tattoo on the right side of her chest also peeked out from behind the fabric.

Based on the background, she appeared to in an urban area or perhaps an industrial complex, as attested to by the metal arches above and behind her. Her left hand rested behind her left ear as she flashed a sultry look at the camera. Extra-long, eggshell-colored fingernails adorned her hands. In her right hand, she held a clutch bearing the image of Benjamin Franklin and the number 100, seemingly meant to spoof a $100 bill.

In another shot, she assumed the squatting position again, this time resting her clutch on the ground and beaming for her viewers.

In the caption, she credited stylist Adriana Aldana for her makeup and hair, and Kenny Roland for the photography. Quite notably, Holly has worked with Roland before, as she credited him for the photography in another sexy pose from earlier this week.

She did, however, promise her followers that she would soon be filming more vlogs. She also noted that if any of her followers want to know more about her, she’ll be taking questions and answering them.

So far, it looks as if very few of the commenters on the post are interested in asking Holly questions about her life and career. One fan, noting that her location is marked as Las Vegas, Nevada, asked if she and her fiance, “Vegas Dave” Oancea, are Raiders fans now, referring to the NFL team that recently moved to Sin City from Oakland.

Another expressed interest in seeing her on TV again, asking if she was ever going to get back in front of the camera.

At least one person took notice of the purse that featured Benjamin Franklin and the number 100.

“You holding that money,” the commenter quipped.

Another got in a dig at the extra-long nails Holly was sporting.

“Isn’t it hard to use a computer with the Freddy [Krueger] nails?” they asked, adding a smiling emoji.