Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Josslyn Questions Trina & Cameron’s Feeling Conflicted

Eden McCoy, William Lipton, and Sydney Mikayla star together on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / Walt Disney Television

Spoilers for General Hospital hint Tuesday’s episode will bring some developments with the complicated teen romance storyline. There are conflicting crushes building up among the Port Charles quartet and the September 22 show will seemingly nudge a couple of the teens to consider whom they really want to pursue.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals Josslyn Jacks and Trina Robinson will spend some time together. Teasers indicate Joss will get a bit giddy and seemingly ask her friend if there is someone previously unknown in the mix. Trina looks skeptical as she hears her friend say this though.

Viewers know there is nobody new that Trina is interested in romantically. She is starting to crush on Cameron Webber a bit, but she hasn’t really been ready to acknowledge that yet. She did tell Josslyn about the kiss she shared with Cam, but she couldn’t quite admit she might want more than just friendship with him.

Will Josslyn remain oblivious to her friend’s conflicted feelings? She recently came to realize that Cameron had been crushing on her and she’s suddenly decided she’s interested in return. Unfortunately, Joss pursuing this could end up hurting not just Trina, but Dev Cerci too.

Until this week, Dev had been more of a spectator to all of this romantic teen angst rather than a participant. Josslyn kissed him quite some time ago and he essentially rejected her, but now he opened up to Brando Corbin about having a crush on her. If Josslyn pursues a romance with Cam, both Dev and Trina will be left nursing hurt feelings.

As for Cameron, SheKnows Soaps details he will feel conflicted during Tuesday’s episode. This is probably about knowing Josslyn has developed an interest in him while hesitating to acknowledge that he’s drawn to Trina. He already opened up to Dev about this somewhat, and spoilers signal he may now turn to somebody else as he tries to sort through his complicated feelings.

How will all of this play out? The teens tentatively agreed to attend homecoming as a group, and that certainly could provide an opportunity for a pairing to emerge. Teasers detail that next week, Cam will confide something to Joss. The following week, preparations for homecoming begin.

Definitive answers regarding pairings within this quartet may not come until October, but there should be some hints signaling which direction things may go before then. General Hospital fans have strong opinions about how they think this should play out and they may want to brace themselves for some broken hearts in the weeks ahead.