Gary Busey Auditions For Mars One Reality Show [Video]

Todd Rigney

Gary Busey recently auditioned for the Mars One reality show on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Point Break co-star made an unexpected appearance on the late night chat show last Friday. Busey debuted his strangely hilarious promo reel for a reality show being but together by the non-profit organization.

Since Gary Busey and outer space kind of go together like bologna and cheese, the actor is hoping to land a spot on the Mars-based program. The end result is nothing short of entertaining, especially if you love the sort of kookiness Busey is known for.

In case you were wondering, the reality show is apparently a real thing. Mars One hopes to send four astronauts to the red planet by 2023. In an effort to find the right candidates, the organization has will start accepting video applications for an upcoming reality show. Gary Busey's entry has been embedded below.

The people chosen for the trip will undergo seven years of training inside a replicated Mars colony. Here's the catch: those selected for the journey won't be able to return to Earth. The trip is one-way, so there's no going back once you've set foot on the planet.

Gary Busey explains in his audition reel:

"I don't let anything get me down because I am positive. If you're not positive, don't go to Mars, because you'll get trapped in your own eating habits. When you find yourself eating part of your calf muscle, you should not be on Mars."

The clip also finds the actor kissing a replica of Earth before launching in a coughing fit. In other words, it's classic Busey.

If you're interested in learning more about the Mars One project, then you should slide over to the organization's official website. Everything you could possibly want to know is located there.

What do you think about Gary Busey's promo reel?

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