WWE Spoilers: 'Survivor Series' Main Event Reportedly Confirmed

Kieran Fisher

This year's WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view will reportedly be headlined by Retribution, according to a report from PWInsider. The event is set to take place November 22.

The report stated that upstart faction will take on a team of WWE superstars who have yet to be confirmed. The match will presumably be one of the event's traditional tag team elimination bouts, which usually feature five participants on each team.

The stable is currently feuding with The Hurt Business and they've had recent run-ins with Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre. However, the fact they've been running roughshod over the Monday Night Raw roster means there are plenty of logical opponents for them to go up against at the show.

The Retribution members who will make up the Survivor Series faction haven't been revealed yet either. As of this writing, four superstars have been identified, split evenly between male and female performers. All of them are former NXT superstars who have just been promoted to the main roster.

Dominik Dijakovic and Dio Maddin are the confirmed names among the men so far. They will likely feature at Survivor Series as they've been depicted as the main members of the stable.

The faction contains several other performers who have still to give fans a glimpse of their faces, but reports have stated they'll be unmasked nearer the pay-per-view. It is believed their identities will become clearer in the lead up to the upcoming Draft.

The group confirmed they signed contracts on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, making them exclusive to the red brand for the time being.

This was followed by their debut match against MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin later on in the show. They lost via disqualification after some of their allies interfered in the bout.

The PWInsider report also highlighted that the group's wrestlers will be given new gimmicks moving forward. As documented by WrestlingNews.co, their NXT characters have already been overlooked. Even though their faces were partly exposed during the latest show, the commentators didn't mention them by their known names.

However, some of them have already been given new monikers: Slapjack is believed to be Shane Thorne; Dijakovic has adopted the T-Bar alias; and Maddin will now be known as Mace.

The new names suggested officials plan on completely rebooting their characters on the main roster, even though they are all familiar names among the fans.