Carole Baskin Bashed By ‘Tiger King’ Rival, Doc Antle, For Leaving Her Animals For ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Baskin's nemesis delivered some harsh words — and not just about her dancing skills.

Pasha Pashkov and Carole Baskin performing on 'Dancing with the Stars.'
Eric McCandless / ABC

Baskin's nemesis delivered some harsh words — and not just about her dancing skills.

Carole Baskin’s Tiger King rival, Doc Antle, has blasted her Dancing with the Stars gig — and not just because he thinks she’s a lousy dancer.

In a new clip posted by TMZ, the exotic animal trainer said if Baskin really cared about the animals at her Big Cat Rescue, she would never have left them for a stint in the ballroom.

Antle spoke out about Baskin as part of his upcoming docuseries, Tiger Kingdom: More Than a King, where he accused her of putting the battle for a glitzy Mirrorball trophy ahead of the cats housed at her sanctuary.

“As much as I’d like to be Carole’s partner on Dancing with the Stars, I have real responsibilities because I actually care for my wildlife and interact with them and watch over their care daily,” Antle said.

“Carole must have a hell of a lot of free time on her hands and must not really be watching over the care of those animals because there’s not a chance I could go off for a few months on a filming schedule.”

TMZ noted that Baskin’s husband, Howard, and her daughter, Jamie, have taken over the operations of her Florida-based Big Cat Rescue while she is living in California for the ABC dance-off. There are also 100 volunteers helping out at the sanctuary.

Carole Baskin in a scene from Tiger King.

Despite Antle’s dis, Baskin has long said the animals are the reason she is competing on DWTS to begin with. She has been vocal about the fact she thinks the Netflix documentary missed the ball when it came to focusing on the wildlife at her nemesis Joe Exotic’s zoo and instead focused on the cast of characters at his Oklahoma compound.

In a post on her website,, Baskin stated she joined the cast of the celebrity ballroom competition so she could draw more attention to the cats that she fights so hard to protect.

“I’m going to put my heart and soul into winning the [Mirrorball] because the longer I can stay on the show, the more the plight of big cats will be kept in the public eye,” she said.

As for the outspoken Antle, he also weighed in on Baskin’s dancing skills after she landed at the bottom of the judges’ leaderboard for her poorly received “Eye of the Tiger” paso doble with pro partner Pasha Pashkov on the DWTS premiere. Antle said his nemesis is a “terrible dancer,” so it sounds like she probably won’t be getting his vote.