Kate Beckinsale Shares Photo Of Cat’s Reaction To Seeing Her Naked

Kate's followers were envious of Clive.

Kate Beckinsale attends the 2019 NBA Awards presented by Kia on TNT
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Kate's followers were envious of Clive.

Kate Beckinsale claimed that one of her pet kitties hates seeing her without clothes on, and she shared a photo to prove it.

The Pearl Harbor actress had her Instagram followers in hysterics when she took to the social media platform to accuse one of her Persian cats, Clive, of loathing her naked form. Kate confessed that she finds his response to seeing her in the buff rather insulting, contrasting it with his delight when he’s lucky enough to discover “a maggoty dead pigeon.”

Kate was behind the camera when she took the snapshot of her pet, so her fans had to take her word for it when she wrote that she was about to hop into bed naked. Unfortunately for her, the bed was already pretty crowded. Clive was standing on one corner of her white top sheet. The shape of the fluffy gray feline’s face and the markings on it already make him look perpetually angry, and he almost looked outraged as he glared at Kate with his mouth wide open. He wore a pink collar with a matching round tag, and his tail was curved in the shape of a question mark.

Kate’s sleepy-looking pet Pomeranian, Myf, took up the opposite corner of the mattress. Her other Persian, Willow, was snuggled up behind a pillow near the headboard. The pretty feline’s white fur almost allowed her to blend in with the bedding.

Kate’s followers were thrilled to see all three of her furbabies together. Her post amassed over 55,000 likes in a matter of a few hours, and, as per usual, her fans responded to her funny photo and caption with their own witty remarks. A number of them joked about being envious of her animals, while others couldn’t get past her revelation that she was unclothed behind the camera.

“The only time I’ve ever wished I was a cat,” read one response to her post.

“I was lost at strolling into bed naked. My brain is mooshy moosh,” said another admirer.

“Making the same face I would be. Jaw dropped. Lolol,” a third fan quipped.

One person suggested that her grumpy-looking kitty was just being territorial.

“He’s definitely got the ‘Get off my lawn!’ expression nailed,” the commenter observed.

While Kate might believe that her tomcat prefers decomposing dead birds over her company in some instances, she always seems to enjoy spending time with her furry companions and spoiling them a bit. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she celebrated International Cat Day by sharing a photo of Willow relaxing in a feline-sized hammock. It matched the much larger hammock that a bikini-clad Kate was pictured sunbathing on.