Kelly Clarkson Thrills Fans With Epic Medley Of ‘Golden Girls,’ Full House,’ ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ Theme Songs

The talk show star got nostalgic on her Season 2 premiere.

Bob Saget and Kelly Clarkson appear on her talk show.
Weiss Eubanks / NBC

The talk show star got nostalgic on her Season 2 premiere.

Kelly Clarkson surprised her fans with a TV twist on “Kellyoke.”

On the Season 2 premiere of her daytime talk show, the Grammy winner delivered an epic medley of classic TV theme songs — and she covered all three of the original networks.

In a clip that was also shared to the official Kelly Clarkson Show theme page, the disheveled original American Idol winner was seen channel surfing as she sat on a couch with a plethora of stuffed animals, when she came upon the opening song to Cheers, “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.” Soon enough she was dressed up in a pink dress and transported to a bar that looked very much like the Boston-based hangout featured on the classic NBC sitcom.

Clarkson poured herself a cold brew and made TV magic again as she landed in a Florida pad and performed The Golden Girls theme, “Thank You for Being a Friend.” As she downed a slice of cheesecake in the ladies’ familiar 1980s kitchen, a television set showing the ABC sitcom Full House then got her singing the Tanner family’s signature song, “Everywhere You Look” — and it delivered an angelic-looking Bob Saget (Danny Tanner on the series) to her as well.

After receiving comforting words from the Tanner patriarch, Clarkson headed to her chatfest studio while joining him in a duet of “Love Is All Around,” the opening song from the 1970s classic, The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

And MTM’s gruff boss Mr. Grant (Ed Asner) even made a cameo as one of Clarkson’s virtual audience members days after celebrating the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking CBS comedy, as did several other stars from the sitcoms she paid tribute to.

Clarkson ended the medley by declaring “We’re gonna make it after all!” as she tossed flowers into the air. The complete video can be seen below.

In the comments section to the clip, fans reacted to Clarkson’s adorable medley.

“Kelly can literally sing anything,” one commenter wrote. “Do the phone book next and then the dictionary!”

“I got choked up hearing her sing these,” another added.

“My heart could explode,” a third fan wrote.

“This seriously made me cry,” added another.

Others said a nostalgic walk down memory lane was just what they needed right now.

In addition to her heart-tugging musical performance, Clarkson briefly addressed her divorce on the long-awaited season premiere of her chatfest. The mom of two admitted that she didn’t see her split from husband Brandon Blackstock coming.