Yvonne Orji Rocks Stunning New Buzz Cut With Powerful Message For Emmy Awards

Yvonne Orji attends Maker's conference.
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Insecure actress Yvonne Orji rocked a brand-new hairdo for this year’s Emmy Awards, showing off a look that was beautiful and also contained a meaningful message.

The Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominee shared the new look with her 955,700 Instagram followers on Sunday, with a professional shot detailing the ‘do as a portion of her awards show dress peeked out from the top of the frame. Her luminous, awards-ready face was looking off-camera while she smiled incandescently. She sported large, seemingly diamond earrings in her ears to complement the outfit.

The comedian’s stylish new buzz cut was the obvious show-stopper of the look, as her dark locks were cut short and sharply, attractively framed her face. On the left side, positioned above her ear, was the outline of a Black Power fist etched in the hair. The raised fist logo is generally associated with the Black Power movement and initially started with the Black Panthers to represent defiance and solidarity.

“I did the haircut because we were in quarantine and I was just like, ‘Oh I don’t have time,'” the actress said in a pre-show interview, reported Vogue.

She also mentioned all the people who helped create her Emmys look in the caption, noting that the style was “NUFF SAID” for her avid followers.

After Yvonne posted the upload, fans went wild for the recently buzzed coif. Over 176,000 users liked the photo while more than 3,200 people flooded the comments section with their support, praising the star’s impactful style.

“When you go to the Emmys looking like an award!!!! Yasssss,” exclaimed a user.

“You look beautiful,” another fan wrote.

“AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING,” a fan raved, adding three red heart emoji to their post.

“Look at my girl!!!” gushed co-star and Insecure show creator Issa Rae, showing support for her pal.

Yvonne’s other co-star, Kendrick Sampson, also backed up her new cut, commenting with numerous fist emoji as well as a fire and black heart symbol. Kendrick is known for his activist work and participation in the Black Lives Matter movement, most likely making him extra supportive of his friend.

The Emmys ceremony was a prime locale for industry professionals to express their discontent with the current administration and political landscape. Host Jimmy Kimmel comedically mocked Donald Trump’s MAGA rallies during the ceremony, calling out supporters for ignoring social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic, The Inquisitr reported earlier today.