Corrie Yee Flaunts Big Hair And Cleavage In Revealing Bustier For Latest Update

Corrie Yee poses for a selfie.
Corrie Yee / Instagram

Model Corrie Yee enthralled her 1 million Instagram followers with her most recent update on Monday afternoon, in which the bombshell rocked a smoldering look and showed off lots of bare skin. The image also focused on her impressively long mahogany tresses, which she threw into the air behind her in a dramatic display.

Corrie’s comment in the caption was about the necessity of maintaining good hair, and she reminded fans that it’s one of the most glamorous assets that one wears all the time. Two of the tags she used were “big hair” and “hair porn.”

The post garnered nearly 1,300 likes in the first 15 minutes after it was uploaded.

Corrie wore a scintillating strapless wine-colored bustier with underwire cups. It featured an embroidered floral lace detailing embellished with pink beads. The garment fit low around her torso, leaving her decolletage and a huge portion of her voluptuous breasts completely bare.

She stood with her back arched and both hands over her head. She stretched in her pose, which nearly caused her bust to spill over the top of the lingerie. Faint tan lines from her summer string bikinis were visible over the middle of each breast as they rose up over both shoulders.

Corrie’s elbows were bent and her right arm created a triangle shape that beautifully framed her profile. She lifted her chin into the air, elongating her slender neck, and closed her eyes. The outline of her eyelashes was distinct against her olive skin. Her lips were parted, showing a glimpse of her white teeth. Diffused light sculpted her high cheekbones and striking jawline.

Just before the image was taken, Corrie appeared to have bent forward at the waist to let her rich brunette mane fall over her head, and then snapped up to a standing position, letting her cascade of loose curls tumble with her.

A camera with a quick shutter speed perfectly captured the stunning motion in a single instant.

Corrie’s sparkling jewelry complimented the beading across the front of her top. It caught the light and created an elegant shimmer against her skin.

Her accessories included a gold-colored necklace with a delicate chain and two diamond-shaped beads — one at her neck, the other draped at the top of her cleavage — and a similarly-designed bracelet on both wrists.

She finished off the ensemble with drop earrings featuring three small beaded strands that dangled several inches below her earlobes. Corrie tagged jewelry designer Dalt Lucia for the set.