‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers Tease A ‘Game-Changing’ Run Of Drama

Dominic Zamprogna plays Dante on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of September 21 hint that it’s going to be a wild week for quite a few people either in or tied to Port Charles. Robert, Olivia, and Nathan are on an intense ride in Monte Carlo while Dante is about to get bad news in Geneva. Ava faces a tough question from Nina, and Valentin is blindsided with a punch.

As viewers saw last week, Robert and Ethan crossed paths at the casino in Monte Carlo and things got rocky. They were manipulated by Rudge to believe that Holly really was dead, but General Hospital fans were given confirmation that she’s alive and being held captive. According to the sneak peek shared via Twitter on Monday morning, it seems that there’s more with this situation coming over the next few days.

The General Hospital preview also reveals that Nina and Ava will spend some time together catching up. Apparently, Ava will fill Nina in on some of what transpired at the cabin, and she’ll face a difficult question from her friend. Is she starting to develop real romantic feelings for Nikolas?

In addition, Dante will be given frustrating news from his doctor. The preview shows that the doctor will tell Dante that the offer he had previously been given has been rescinded.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Dante becomes frustrated with his doctor during Tuesday’s episode. It seems likely that he was preparing to do what he needed to do to return to Port Charles, even if it meant investigating someone within his inner circle.

Now, however, it seems that the WSB may have changed their minds about allowing him to tackle that mission. Despite that, General Hospital spoilers have suggested that Dante will be back home at some point this fall.

General Hospital teasers indicate that Cyrus will rattle Lulu, and viewers will see Franco and Elizabeth fight over money issues. Cameron will seemingly struggle over his decision between Trina and Josslyn, and Jason will receive a troubling call from someone.

Sasha reaches out to a friend for support while Chase checks in with Carly. It seems likely that this visit has to do with the Nelle situation. General Hospital teasers note that Julian will reach out to Martin for assistance, and this is also surely related to Nelle.

The sneak peek shows Valentin being punched by someone, and it appears that it may be Ned doling that one out. General Hospital teasers share that Ned will be rattled during Thursday’s episode, and his temper will get the best of him on Friday.

Everybody can expect to see tense moments involving others like Alexis, Curtis, and Molly as well, and General Hospital spoilers hint that the next few shows will be jam-packed with intense drama that fans will not want to miss.