Martha Stewart, 79, Appears Ageless In New Slideshow Of Instagram Photos

Martha Stewart, 79, appeared ageless in a new slideshow of Instagram photos. The lifestyle expert showed off a new product from her clothing line featured on QVC, a down vest, which she demonstrated could be worn for many different activities from working in a garden to dinner with friends.

The series of seven images showed the stunning celebrity in various poses as she demonstrated the versatility of the topper.

In the first pic, Martha modeled the jacket outdoors. The garment had short sleeves, an interesting style detail not normally found on down vests, which are styled to be sleeveless. She stood on what appeared to be an outdoor porch at her home in Connecticut. Her natural appearance in front of the camera came from her time as a working model when she was a student at Barnard College, reported Business Insider.

In the second snap, Martha sat atop a lawnmower. She wore ear protection that coordinated with the orange landscaping machine.

The third and fourth photographs showed the celebrity in a close-up shot. She was lovely in lavender as she smiled for the photographer in the first shot. In the second, she was featured in a large area that featured a gravel floor and lots of potted plants, which provided a lovely backdrop.

Martha toasted to good friends as she sat alongside her gardener Ryan McCallister, driver Carlos, and housekeeper Elvira. The four have quarantined with one another since the coronavirus pandemic began in March. They reportedly eat together, tend to the household, and garden side by side as seen on the HGTV series Martha Knows Best.

The lifestyle doyenne looked gorgeous as she posed in between two of her black horses on the grounds of her property. She stood out in a white outfit with a yellow version of the garment atop it. This was paired with knee-height black riding boots. Her bright smile as she stood between her beloved animals drew her 1 million followers into this photo and others she shared. They liked the pics over 20,000 times and counting thus far.

In the final photo, Martha posed outside a wooden fence on her property. She appeared ready for fall in an orange topper over a white shirt and jeans.

Fans flipped out over the images.

"You are radiant in the gold vest photo with the horses!" shared one follower.

"Martha-Rita's in a vest! Even better!" joked a second Instagram user.

"This is the answer to everything!! It's got cap sleeves, what more can you want!" quipped a third fan who was interested in the new twist to the traditional cold weather garment.