'DWTS' Fans Call Tom Bergeron A 'Class Act' After He Says He Has 'Nothing Against' Tyra Banks

Victoria Miller

Dancing with the Stars fans praised Tom Bergeron for keeping things classy in regards to Tyra Banks, his replacement on the ABC celebrity ballroom competition after 28 glitter-filled seasons.

In the comments section to a recent Instagram post after the former ABC star spent the day in a smash room, Bergeron's fans went off about new DWTS host Banks. When one fan asked him if he would throw some bottles at a poster of the supermodel, he replied he would not be doing that.

"Nothing against Tyra," he wrote.

"I teased the mirror lip poster, but that was having a laugh at the marketing, not personal."

In response to Bergeron's comments, several of his followers noted this is why they loved him on Dancing with the Stars.

"And that is what makes you a Class Act Tom," one fan wrote.

"Tom Bergeron- you are a Class Act!!- re Tyra," another added.

"I want to hang out with you!" a third wrote.

"And you are a total class act. But as much as I love the pros I will not watch the show anymore. Without you and Erin [Andrews] it isn't worth the time."

Others agreed that Bergeron is the best television host ever, and one fan noted he should have been been "throwing a mirrorball" in the smash room.

Fans know Bergeron has said very little about his replacement more than two months after he was unexpectedly fired from the long-running ABC dance-off alongside his longtime co-host Erin Andrews. While some assumed he was bitter about Banks, that does not appear to be the case based on his new comment.

When Banks was first announced as the new host and executive producer on DWTS, Bergeron did take to Twitter to crack a joke about the addition of the America's Next Top Model alum, who has the same initials as he does.

"I guess I won't be getting back my monogrammed towels," he joked in a tweet that can be seen here.

And as he mentioned in his Instagram message, Bergeron also joked about Banks' Dancing with the Stars key art pose, which featured her in full glam mode with mini Mirrorball trophy pieces covering her lips.

On Twitter, seen here, Bergeron responded to the ad by posing with a small Mirrorball trophy in front of his mouth. In the caption to his cheeky pic, the veteran TV personality joked that the "National Association of Lip Safety" warned against "applying" multiple mirrors on the mouth and that such a move could result in many years of bad luck.