Kindly Myers Eats Cake Seductively While Soaking In A Milk Bath

Kindly Myers poses for a selfie.
Kindly Myers / Instagram

Kindly Myers celebrated her birthday over the weekend, and she shared plenty of sultry content on Instagram in the process. The 35-year-old’s latest share saw her eating chocolate cake seductively while soaking in a milk bath.

While Kindly wore a pink bikini for the photo shoot, not much of it was visible, as most of the snaps captured her holding the sweet treat in front of her body while teasing a look at her cleavage. The confection had a layer of whipped cream on the top which was covered with chocolate shavings and cherries.

Kindly wore her thick blond tresses down in waves. Her hair looked damp, and the ends dangled just above the water. She added some bling to her look with a sparkly tiara. A pendant necklace also hung around her neck.

In the caption, Kindly thanked her followers for the well wishes she received over the weekend. She also tagged the photographer.

Dozens of fans took a moment to wish her a happy day, while others raved over how good she looked.

“Happy Birthday You are nothing short of ravishing,” wrote one admirer.

“Happy Birthday to you Kindly!!!! You really don’t look a day over 21,” a second Instagram user added.

“Sweetheart you and your Cake look absolutely delicious,” quipped a third follower.

“You are such a babe,” a fourth comment read.

The Playboy model shared three snapshots in the seductive post. The pictures appeared to be in reverse order as they captured her teasingly tasting the cake.

In the first frame, Kindly turned up the heat and sucked on her finger. With her eyes closed, she balanced the small baked goody with her free hand. Her knee was raised out of the water, showing off her smooth skin. The pose showed off a bit of her cleavage as she leaned against the back of the tub.

The second image was similar to the first. Kindly gave the camera a provocative gaze while holding her finger in her mouth. A bit of whipped cream could be seen on the side of her finger. Her knee was still bent and leaned to one side, showing off her flat abs.

The popular influencer held the delectable dessert in front of her with both hands in the last slide. She wore a flirty smile while looking at the lens. Her ample cleavage was visible as she leaned toward the camera.

Last Friday, Kindly kicked off the weekend with a set of pictures that saw her wearing a set of sexy pink lingerie while she posed on a bed with a bottle of champagne.