‘General Hospital’ Star Maurice Benard Pays Tribute To TV Dad Max Gail

Maurice Benard shares his love for Max Gail.

'General Hospital' stars Maurice Benard and Max Gail in a promo pic.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Maurice Benard shares his love for Max Gail.

It was one of the most emotional stories seen on ABC’s General Hospital, as the topic of Alzheimer’s has been front and center for the past two years. Sonny Corinthos’ dad, Mike Corbin, had been battling the disease, but he finally passed away last week. Many tributes have been pouring in for actor Max Gail, praising him for his portrayal of Sonny’s dad. However, the most touching one may have come from longtime GH star Maurice Benard.

The two men grew close while they were filming their scenes as father and son. On Sunday, Benard posted a short video on Instagram as he shared a loving tribute to the man who he says “changes the landscape.” Both men appeared on camera at what appeared to be the set of General Hospital. That was likely Gail’s last day of filming. Benard was dressed up in a black suit and tie, suggesting that he could have just gotten through filming Mike’s memorial scenes. Benard said that he loves Gail like a dad and that he will “miss him like there’s no tomorrow.”

Gail just mentioned that it’s been great working on the soap. He also agreed that it was as fun as Benard told him it would be. General Hospital fans were quick to take to the comments to let the Barney Miller star know how much he is loved. They also gushed about how amazing both actors were throughout this entire Alzheimer’s journey.

“Love Max!!! and you Maurice!!! incredible story, amazing acting!!!” said one devoted fan.

“That story line was so well done. U guys are great!!!” someone else complimented.

“We are going to miss you so much max!! Thank you for everything,” a third viewer replied.

The Inquisitr had detailed the day that Mike passed away last Thursday. It was an emotional episode that had many fans in tears. On Benard’s tribute post, there were viewers who told him and Gail how real his passing was on the show and how this storyline has moved them. Many people have been through the exact same thing with a loved one and they thought the acting was superb.

Mike Corbin’s journey is over, but his loved ones will be left to deal with their grief. Sonny is taking it hard. Even though he knew it was coming, and he knows that Mike is not in any more pain, it will be a difficult time for him. General Hospital spoilers say that many people will be helping to comfort Sonny and his family following the loss of Mike.