Qimmah Russo Gets Soaking Wet And Flaunts Insane Physique In Zipped-Down Bikini

Qimmah Russo attends the PrettyLittleThing x Karl Kani event.
David Livingston / Getty Images

Fitness model Qimmah Russo thrilled her 1.6 million followers with her most recent Instagram post on Sunday afternoon. In the update, she flaunted her impressive figure while wearing a revealing two-piece bathing suit.

The trainer and social media celebrity’s prolific shares frequently feature her in skintight athletic wear, but this pair of snaps definitely did not disappoint. They racked up over 19,000 likes in the first few hours after the post was uploaded.

Qimmah looked stunning as she lounged poolside and showcased her ample assets.

In the first image, she sat at the side of the swimming pool with her legs spread apart and dangling in the water. She leaned back and supported her weight on both outstretched arms with palms flat against the cement behind her.

She tilted her chin up and closed her eyes, slightly parting her full lips.

Qimmah’s wet body glistened beneath the swath of light that poured over her, and every muscle was beautifully highlighted by the combination of sunshine and water. A perfect play of illumination and shadow accentuated her ripped abdominal muscles and chiseled arms.

Her sporty, yet skimpy bikini top was black and featured hot-pink vertical piping along the outsides of her bust and a matching zipper in the center. It appeared to have a double lining and a high collar with a snap closure, but Qimmah wore the garment fully open across the chest, exposing the maximum amount of visible cleavage.

The bottoms covered her modesty and attached to spaghetti straps that rested high over her hips. There was a tiny, indistinguishable white tag attached to the front seam, which seemed to indicate the brand.

In the second photo, the photographer changed position slightly to capture Qimmah from the side. She moved closer to the water with her toned backside perched on the very edge. Her right leg was extended, and she bent her left knee and pointed her toes. She arched her body and tipped her head far back.

Her wet curls were smoothed back from her face and slipped behind both shoulders.

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Qimmah’s Instagram followers were impressed by her scantily-clad appearance.

“Little, strong and beautiful. Xoxoxo,” declared one follower, sweetly elaborating on Qimmah’s caption.

They added a bevy of emoji after the compliment, including a diamond, several types of flowers and hearts, smiling faces, and the “ok” symbol.

“Wow. You look absolutely amazing,” praised a second person.

Last week, as reported by The Inquisitr, Qimmah looked ready for a sultry night on the town by wearing a backless, fringed mini dress embellished with a keyhole cutout.