Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liukin Shows Off Derriere In Skintight Ribbed Mini Dress While Carrying Dog

Nastia rocked a stylish hat with her short dress.

Nastia Liukin participates as Swisse Wellness Unveils #DestinationHappiness
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Nastia rocked a stylish hat with her short dress.

Nastia Liukin rocked a revealing dress while taking her adorable pet dog out for a walk.

On Sunday, the Olympic gymnast took to Instagram to share a slideshow loaded with three photos of herself and her canine companion. Nastia, 30, wore a ribbed mini dress that hugged her body to showcase its incredible shape.

In all of the images, she stood with her pert posterior facing the camera. The hemline of her dress hit just a few inches below the lower curve of her derriere. The garment had tank top-style sleeves, and it was a soft cream color. The warm tones of her tan skin looked striking against the piece’s much lighter hue.

Nastia kept her outfit casual by rocking a pair of white sneakers. Thanks to her choice of hat, her entire outfit had a neutral color palette. She rocked a pale beige fedora with a wide brim and a hat band that was the same hue as her dress. She completed her look with a pair of sunglasses with silver frames and dark lenses.

Like her ensemble, her adorable dog, Harley, was an earthy color. The goldendoodle’s curly brown fur perfectly coordinated with his mom’s mini dress. Nastia held Harley in her arms as the two got a little fresh air. They posed on a sidewalk in front of a building wall with tall steel frames and black mesh panels.

The geotag indicated that the photos were snapped in Dallas.

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The first shot was cropped so that it only showed Nastia from her thighs up. She turned to plant a kiss on Harley’s cute face as the pup casually hung one paw over her shoulder and gazed at their photographer. The second image was similar, but Nastia leaned her head back to smile at the camera while her dog stared off in a different direction.

The final photo showed a full view of Nastia’s body, so it captured the length of her slender legs. She posed with the toes of her left foot pointed as she popped her leg forward and out to the side.

While the influencer’s pet got plenty of love in the comments section of her post, the attention of some of her followers was clearly directed elsewhere.

“If you look closely there is a puppy in the pic,” quipped one admirer.

“I gasped when I saw this. My lord,” added another fan.

“You do squats or what?” a third person wanted to know.

The Olympic gold medalist’s photos are always winners in the eyes of her followers. In another recent upload, she wowed them by posing in a bathtub.