Laurence Bédard Stuns Wearing Black Leather-And-Lace Miniskirt

Laurence Bedard takes a selfie
Laurence Bedard / Instagram

Model Laurence Bédard thrilled her 2.8 million Instagram followers on Sunday morning, looking gorgeous in her most recent update. She displayed her enviable figure wearing an edgy ensemble that matched the vibe of her many tattoos, and reminded fans in the caption to embrace the extraordinary.

Over 36,000 people agreed that she fit into that category by hitting the “like” button in the first few hours after the post was uploaded.

Laurence posed by sitting with her right leg crossed over her left. The photographer took a three-quarter shot that beautifully captured her face all the way down to her derriere and bare thigh, which encompassed the bottom of the photo frame.

She wore a black miniskirt that appeared to be made of leather, embellished with a floral lace hem. The supple material featured a wide band that encircled the slimmest part of her waist and creased alluringly around her hips.

Her top was a scarf with a bold paisley print in gold, black, and white. It was folded in half to create an inverted triangle, which covered her bust and draped into a point in the center of her midriff. The lightweight fabric stretched taut between her rounded breasts and tapered on the sides.

Laurence was illuminated by diffused sunlight from her right side. It traced the delicate proportions of her face and neck, putting part of them in a pale shadow, which gave her appearance a flawless, painterly quality.

The light also reflected off the surface of her skirt, drawing focus from her ethereal expression and bare decolletage to the lower half of her physique.

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Escape the ordinary

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She accessorized with a trio of thin gold chains, the longest of which had a tiny padlock pendant that draped just above the hint of her cleavage.

Laurence’s Instagram followers flooded her comments section with praise for the Canadian beauty.

“Sexy sensational stunning breathtaking gorgeous lovely seductive,” gushed one fan.

“My lord you’re so beautiful love the tattoos,” declared a second follower.

“You’re far from ordinary! We think you’ve escaped it!” exclaimed a third person, referring to her caption.

“You’re very pretty! I was in Montreal last year. Some girl’s who I met at the hotel bar, asked me, ‘What brings you to Montreal?’ I told them, ‘Well my ultimate goal is to meet [Laurence] but other than that, go see the Habs/Leafs game.’ They responded with ‘omg, she is the best looking girl in Quebec!!’ Thought I would share that with you!” raved a fourth follower.