Eva LaRue, 53, Slays In A Bikini On The Beach, Marvels Over The Ocean ‘Kissing The Shoreline’

Eva LaRue attends Nights of the Jack Friends & Family Night
Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Getty Images

A new Instagram post from soap opera veteran Eva LaRue is raising heart rates among her followers. She showcased her curves while wearing a bikini on the beach, and fans were quick to fawn over her fabulous figure.

The Saturday morning upload featured Eva wearing a cream-colored bikini top along with a gauzy white skirt coverup. The geotag she added suggested that this was taken in Croatia, and she found a breathtaking spot in which to pose.

The All My Children icon let her light-colored tresses blow in the breeze as her loose highlighted hair tumbled down her back. She appeared to have her eyes closed and tilted her head slightly to embrace the entirety of her surroundings.

Eva added a layered necklace and a bold bracelet as accessories, and her flawless tanned skin contrasted with the colors of both her ensemble and the surroundings.

The actress braced herself on one elbow while lying on her side. One long, lean leg was bent at the knee and rested on the pebble-filled beach. Her triangle top revealed a significant amount of deep cleavage.

“Aging like fine wine looking better with every year!!” one of Eva’s fans praised.

The 53-year-old beauty quoted poet Sarah Kay in her caption, and the verse was the perfect accompaniment to her photo. She added a hashtag about “unconditional love” and everything about this upload appeared to resonate with her Instagram followers.

The post earned over 8,000 likes and more than 200 fans commented during the first few hours after Eva had shared this sultry beach shot. Some recognized the setting where the photo was taken and many shared their amazement at how beautiful the actress looks at the age of 53.

“Always an absolutely Beautiful lady awesome hair very Elegant,” a supporter raved.

“Stunning beauty and amazing body,” another supporter said.

“Omg Eva. The white, the sand, and that pose….beautiful!” declared a third fan.

This is just the latest in a string of stunning bikini photos that Eva has shared recently. Just a few days ago, she flaunted her incredibly fit physique while wearing a black two-piece bathing suit. She sat on a swing in the ocean with a pal, apparently in another spot in Croatia, and her followers went wild.

Eva has been all smiles in her other recent updates, seemingly having a fabulous time on this international vacation. In this case, she looked serene and content as she enjoyed a peaceful moment along with her love for the ocean.