Rachel Cook Shows Off Underboob In Nautical Look During Boat Ride With Bikini-Clad Models

Rachel rocked an extremely short cropped sweater with her bikini bottoms.

Rachel Cook attends L.A. Hearts + PacSun celebrate 2017 Spring Swimwear Collection
Rochelle Brodin / Getty Images

Rachel rocked an extremely short cropped sweater with her bikini bottoms.

Rachel Cook rocked a sweater-and-bikini combo that showed off a lot of skin during a relaxing boat ride with two other statuesque models. Her overall look had a nautical theme that fit with the location of their shoot.

Rachel captivated her Instagram followers by sharing video footage from her sexy sea voyage. She looked like she was in command of the vessel she was on, thanks to the dark blue captain’s hat that she wore. It featured embroidered gold laurels on the brim, a yellow rope detail above the bill, and an anchor insignia on the crown.

Rachel’s top was a thick cropped sweater with black-and-white horizontal stripes. The top’s wide neck fit with the sea theme. The garment was extremely short, so Rachel displayed a serious amount of underboob. This was especially true when the model was filmed from a low angle with the camera aimed up at her exposed lower cleavage.

She completed her revealing ensemble with a pair of tiny black bikini bottoms that had long string-tie sides. Her body was shot from a few different angles, which also gave fans a good look at her toned stomach, lissome legs, and smooth bronze skin.

Rachel accessorized with layered necklaces, including a black ribbon choker and a long gold chain. Her brunette pixie cut was styled in flirty curls. She was shown basking in the sun with her slender figure draped over the boat’s bow, and she also stood up to pose with her fellow passengers, including Alexandra Ola Kaczmarek, who rocked a smocked bikini with a green-and-white striped pattern. Her bralette-style top had a low scoop neck that showed off an eyeful of cleavage.

The unidentified third model also wore a peaked cap, but hers was white. It had “Croatia” embroidered on it right above the brim. She sported a strappy black bikini. Her top had a plunging V-neck and two bands that extended down from the center of the bust before curving around her back. Her bottoms featured a tiny diamond-shaped front panel and a pair of straps on each side.

The three models all stood at the bow of the vessel and got up on their toes to elongate their legs. They posed in front of a backdrop of sapphire waves and a distant shoreline with mountains and rolling hills.

The footage also included a cute shot of a golden retriever. The curious dog stood with his paws on the edge of a passing vessel as he observed the video shoot taking place.

Rachel is adept at coming up with ways to make her steamy shoots fun and unique. In a recent photo set, she showed off a serious amount of skin while rocking a windbeaker that featured a classic Pepsi logo.