‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Curtis Is On The Warpath About Cyrus And Worries About Jordan

Donnell Turner and Briana Nicole Henry.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

In the new General Hospital sneak peek for Monday’s episode, Curtis isn’t too happy with everything going on lately concerning Cyrus Renault. He is growing even more worried about Jordan’s continuing contact with the criminal, and his concern seems to be escalating. He will become so angry over the situation that he takes it out on his aunt, Stella, as SheKnows Soaps indicates in their spoilers.

Cyrus seems to have taken over the lives of Curtis and Jordan in more ways than one. The Port Charles police commissioner is a puppet to the mobster, which greatly irritates her husband. He is worried about her meetings with Cyrus as she has had quite a few. Every time he beckons her, she goes running off to meet with him.

On Monday’s General Hospital, Curtis heads to the PCPD to talk to his wife. Jordan thinks that Cyrus is involved in the death of Neil Byrne and that weighs heavily on her mind. That brings up the fact that he could very well hurt Jordan anytime he wants to.

In the sneak peek clip, they discuss how dangerous her meetings are. Curtis urges Jordan to be more careful around Cyrus. He doesn’t want her to push Cyrus too far. He is afraid of what could happen to her or to their loved ones.

TJ was already in the middle of things when he was kidnapped and beaten by Cyrus’ men to get Jordan’s attention. TJ doesn’t know that, and he is currently rallying the nurses at General Hospital to get the new chairman of the board out.

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  Valerie Durant / ABC

That will also concern Curtis. He had previously warned TJ not to cross Cyrus, and he will also warn his wife of that as well on Monday. TJ has been standing up to Cyrus, as The Inquisitr had previously detailed, and that has Curtis on edge. He has every right to be concerned about his family, especially after he witnessed the death of Taggert.

Stella, who just recently came back to town to be with Mike during his last hours, will be on the brunt end of Curtis’ anger. General Hospital spoilers tease that he will lash out at her for some reason, but then he will quickly apologize.

Cyrus has everyone on edge with his smugness and threatening nature as he continues his takeover. GH fans are more than ready for this guy to be taken down. They are also anxious to have Taggert back with his friends and family as soon as it is safe. Curtis will be shocked when he finds out that Jordan kept Taggert alive and didn’t tell him. It’s likely to be quite a rough ride for this couple.