Morgan Ketzner Shows Off Sculpted Physique Wearing Fluorescent Bikini During Golden Hour

Morgan Ketzner snaps a selfie.
Morgan Ketzner / Instagram

Morgan Ketzner thrilled her 526,000 Instagram followers on Friday night with a new update that beautifully displayed the petite model’s perfect bikini body.

She mentioned in the caption that she had recently arrived in Mexico and had just enough time for a quick photo shoot in the late afternoon light that photographers find ideal.

Over 4,000 fans showed their appreciation by hitting the like button in the first few hours after the post was uploaded.

Morgan wore a skimpy bathing suit with an eighties retro vibe. The bikini featured a color-blocked design in shades of vibrant yellow, turquoise, and pink that popped against her deeply tanned complexion. The lightweight fabric had a finely ribbed texture and a sporty cut that complemented her athletic figure. She tagged the brand Oneone Swimwear for the ensemble.

The top had a simple, low-cut design that exposed the tops of her pert breasts and was embellished with a deep V in the center, which was open all the way to the bottom hem encircling her rib cage.

The matching bottoms were slung low around her slender hips. The top of the waistband mimicked the shape of the cleavage-bearing detail above, dipping several inches below her navel in the middle.

Morgan posed casually in a striking flood of sunshine that illuminated her pale-colored eyes as well as her toned physique. The play of light and shadow across her torso accentuated her impressive lines of abdominal definition.

She faced the camera head-on with a sultry half-smile. She jutted one leg out to the side and cocked her hip, which emphasized the curving shape of her slim waist in comparison to her lower body.

Morgan’s hair was parted in the center and shimmering strands grazed the top of her bust. The sexy, messy waves appeared to be already affected by the humid climate.

She stood on a nearly white sanded beach, which met the calm water of the turquoise sea. A bit of grassy land dotted with a row of palm trees jutted out into the water behind her. The sky was a clear, brilliant blue with the exception of a few clouds that floated along the distant horizon.

Morgan’s Instagram followers were quick to compliment the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model for her choice in attire, as well as her jaw-dropping appearance.

“Love your smile and your cute bikini gorgeous,” praised one fan.

“You look stunning, love that colour [sic] with your gorgeous tan Morgan,” raved a second person.

“Quite simply one of the most gorgeous women on the face of this planet!” exclaimed a third follower.