Camila Bernal Displays Bare Booty Posed Perfectly Against A Stormy Sky: ‘Find Me Where The Rainbow Ends’

Camila Bernal takes a selfie
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Camila Bernal put her famous assets on full display in her most recent Instagram post on Friday night, making her 1.3 million followers feel like they’d found a pot of gold. The voluptuous Colombian model posed in front of a vivid rainbow that cut across the gray sky in the background. She positioned herself so that her incredible backside appeared to be at the end of the colorful phenomenon.

In the caption, Camila made reference to the fable about what one might find at the end of a rainbow and proclaimed that she was the treasure. The pair of snaps racked up nearly 10,000 likes in the first two hours after they were uploaded.

Camila stood on the side of what appeared to be a small boat, near the metal post that supported what looked like a canvas cover over the center of the vessel. She bent one knee and lifted her calf, creating a separation between her legs that accentuated both thick thighs.

In the first image, she lifted her left arm into the air and swept the front of her damp, mahogany mane off her face. The locks cascaded down her back, nearly grazing the top of her derriere. The position of her arm created a frame through which most of her profile could be seen, and she seemed to have a wide smile on her face.

Camila wore a tiny string bikini that exposed lots of bare, golden skin. The suit featured a light blue and indigo pattern that was unidentifiable because so little material was visible in the snap. Just a glimpse of the left cup that stretched over her breast could be seen, and a bit of sideboob spilled out above the spaghetti strap that encircled her rib cage.

The bottom of the swimwear was a small triangle of fabric that rose up from between her cheeks and rested against the small of her back, attached to two sets of strings tied in bows high across her hips. The barely there garment gave a full, uninterrupted view of Camila’s alluring booty.

Camila’s Instagram followers responded in abundance to both her caption and her jaw-dropping appearance.

“You the bag, the pot of gold, the whole mfkn lotto,” praised one fan.

“You da pot of gold that I’ve been searching for all my life,” declared a second person.

“You are a true goddess a masterpiece omg,” gushed a third follower.