Suzy Cortez Shows Off Her Pageant-Winning Booty While Posing On A Motorcycle

Brazilian model, influencer and Miss BumBum winner Suzy Cortez poses for an Instagram selfie.
Suzy Cortez / Instagram

Brazilian model Suzy Cortez, who won her home country’s Miss BumBum pageant in 2015 and 2019, revealed her award-winning derrière to great effect in her latest Instagram post. In the Friday, September 18 photo update, the 30-year-old offered a rear-view look at her well-built body in nothing but a stringy, black lingerie set, sheer, thigh-high leggings and high-heeled boots as she posed with her foot resting on a beautiful, classic motorcycle.

Although her picturesque face was barely visible in the shot — a slight turn of her head to one side yielded a view of her profile and little else — Cortez still managed to rile a significant portion of her 2.4 million followers on the strength of her curvy dimensions alone.

Within an hour of the snapshot making its appearance on her feed, a litany of smitten fans had taken to the comments section to make public declarations of love and affection for her sexy physique.

“Damn she is so hot,” exclaimed one fan, who added, “and beautiful.”

“Duas belas esculturas,” wrote a second admirer in Portuguese, which means “Two beautiful sculptures,” according to Google Translate.

“Hermosa trasero,” added another, which translates to “Beautiful rear” in Portuguese, as well as Spanish.

The entirety of Cortez’s olive-hued, muscle-bound body was captured by the camera in the medium-wide shot, as was the motorcycle she rested her foot against. Her curvature was well-evidenced in the photo as a result of the scanty duds she wore and the pose she struck. She bent one leg at the knee and rested her foot on the vehicle while her other foot planted on the ground.

Although Cortez’s wavy, dark mane almost completely blanketed her back, one of her shoulders was left completely uncovered, and she teasingly tugged at the strap of her skimpy top. The small portion of the garment that was revealed appeared to be semi-sheer.

Just beyond the ends of her hair, which extended to the small of her back, the ultra-thin straps of her thong bottom were all that covered her firm, bountiful backside. Further down the frame, Cortez’s cheeky attributes gave way to her thick, gym-honed thighs. Her muscular calves were covered by the sheer, gray thigh-highs she wore. The Playboy alum completed the look with a pair of black boots that had long, thin heels.

Cortez’s latest serving of eye candy ignited her Instagram feed to the tune of almost 5,000 likes within am hour.

As shared one day earlier by The Inquisitr, Cortez was similarly stunning and scantily clad in a post that showed her participating in a sexy photoshoot on an outdoor stairway.