John Cusack 'The Frozen Ground' S/M Footage Revealed After Trailer Flops

A new clip from John Cusack's The Frozen Ground with heavy S/M and bondage overtones has slipped out. The kinky footage may finally spark some interest in the 47-year-old Say Anything cutie's upcoming new film.

The first official trailer for The Frozen Ground was released in June. And it couldn't really be a bigger flop. At the time of writing, it had enjoyed a paltry 640 views since June 12.

If you hit that button to watch, you'll quickly figure out why. It's pretty standard stuff about the hard-working cop determined to track down the sneering serial killer who keeps getting away with murder. You may feel like you've seen this movie before.

It's somewhat interesting that John Cusack, once known and loved for romantic roles like High Fidelity and Must Love Dogs, is now the villain.

However, that twist didn't seem to be enough to create much buzz about The Frozen Ground. So now someone has decided to give us a more intense taste of just how villainous John Cusack can really be.

We're talking he's got a chick chained down on his carpet -- with multiple chains around her neck. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

I'm not going to embed this bondage-themed footage on our PG-rated site. If you want to see the kinky footage, click right here and check it out on Vimeo. I won't tell your mom.

But be warned. There's something to offend just about everyone. Even the S/M and bondage folks won't be delighted that their sexual preference is being linked to a serial killer.

The Frozen Ground will be released on August 23. In addition to John Cusack in the role of serial killer Robert Hansen, the film stars Nicolas Cage as the Alaska state trooper who tracks him down.

In a previous The Frozen Ground clip, you can see Vanessa Hudgens in the role of a stripper. I'm not sure that it aroused much interest either, especially up against the widespread fascination with Jennifer Aniston's stripper role in We're The Millers.

So will the new kinky bondage footage of John Cusack in The Frozen Ground change your mind about seeing this movie?

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