Willow Smith Complains About Leg Sweat While Performing Advanced Yoga Pose, Shows Fans ‘Instagram Vs. Reality’

Willow suggested that her sweaty legs were making it difficult to hold the variation of a crow pose.

Willow Smith attends the premiere of Disney's "Aladdin"
Rich Fury / Getty Images

Willow suggested that her sweaty legs were making it difficult to hold the variation of a crow pose.

Willow Smith pulled off an insanely difficult yoga pose in a photo that she shared with her Instagram followers on Friday. Her upload included a video that revealed the reality of how she got the impressive shot. The 19-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith complained that sweat was making it harder to hold her body in the advanced pose.

Willow attempted what appeared to be a challenging variation of the side crow pose. She placed her right hand out far to the side so that just her fingers touched the floor. She kept her left hand flat and aligned it with her shoulder. The strong singer slightly bent her left elbow and pressed the top of her right thigh against her tricep. She kept that leg straight, while she bent her left knee.

She wore a pair of white shorts that showcased her legs’ impressive muscle tone. Her athletic ensemble also included a long-line, periwinkle sports bra with a shiny under-bust band. She layered the top over a darker blue bra. Both garments had spaghetti straps and scooped necklines. On her feet, Willow wore a pair of socks that featured a vibrant, tie-dye print in yellow, purple, and pink.

The “Whip My Hair” singer rocked a single dangle earring in one ear. The photo showed how much her hair has grown out since she shaved her head earlier this year.

The first video included in Willow’s slideshow revealed just how hard she worked to execute the asana. Her body visibly shook and wobbled as she tried to hold it in position. She only managed to keep her balance for a brief moment before she fell down.

In her caption, she revealed that her cousin, dancer Jade Pinkett, was helping her master the move. Jade grabbed Willow’s ankles when she began struggling, but she was unable to prevent her from falling. Willow had a simple explanation for why she couldn’t hold the pose longer.

“There’s sweat on my legs,” she said. “There’s literally sweat on my legs.”

In the second video, Willow was stretched out on her back on the floor. She inhaled and exhaled loudly before sitting up to address the camera, informing her viewers that what they were seeing was the “reality” behind the amazing yoga photos that she often shares on Instagram.

Her followers praised her commitment, hard work, and incredible athleticism in the comments section of her post. She was also commended for sharing the behind-the-scenes look at her perfect pic.

“Some serious dedication and goals right there,” wrote one fan.

“I see that strength,” another admirer chimed in.

“This is so nice to see!” read a third message. “We shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to a snapshot of someone’s life, there is always so much more behind it in terms of differences, struggles, privileges or disadvantages.”