Jane Fonda Was Awestruck At Meeting Kim Kardashian: 'This Is The Most Amazing Behind I Have Ever Seen'

Jane Fonda said she got a bit awestruck when she met Kim Kardashian by chance at a party, especially one aspect of the reality television star's anatomy.

The actress opened up about the time she crossed paths with Kardashian at a pre-Grammy Awards party put on by music mogul Clive Davis back in 2012. Speaking about the incident during an episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen this week, Fonda said that Kardashian's booty caught her eye before she ever realized who she was looking at.

"I was kneeling on the floor talking to Gladys Knight," she said. "And, I turned around to get up and right in my face was this shape," she added, moving her hands into an hourglass figure as she described Kardashian's ample booty.

"It went in like this and out like this, and I thought that is the most amazing behind I have ever seen. And, of course, it was Kim Kardashian."

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West pose on the red carpet.
Getty Images | Lars Niki

Fonda said that she had to admit to Kardashian that she was admiring her backside, which the reality star-turned-criminal justice reform advocate seemed to take well.

"I've just been staring at your behind, and it's beautiful," she said. "And she was very sweet."

The admission was part of a segment in which Cohen ran through a list of famous celebrities, and the in-the-loop Fonda recounted whether she had met them and what her impression was of each one. While there were a few stars that she has never crossed paths with, including Beyonce and Princess Diana, Fonda was able to share impressions of what many A-list stars are like away from the spotlight. That included singer Diana Ross, whom Fonda described as very friendly and sociable.

She had the most to say about her encounter with Kardashian, and the actress's recalling of the encounter earned a bit of viral interest. The show's post of the clip on YouTube racked up more than 15,000 views and earned a write-up from The Daily Mail.

As The Inquisitr reported, some other well-proportioned celebrities have previously described their own experiences with Fonda in the past. Last year, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez said she had an almost unfortunate incident with Fonda while they were working together on the set of the 2005 movie, Monster-in-Law. Lopez explained that there was a scene that called for them to fight over a bridesmaid dress, and she ended up accidentally poking Fonda in the eye.