Camila Bernal Flashes Thick, Bikini-Clad Assets In Stunning Waterfront Share

Camila Bernal poses for a mirror selfie.
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Colombian model and social media star Camila Bernal flashed her sizable assets once again on her popular Instagram feed. With her update on Friday, September 18, the 23-year-old was captured posing on the waterfront in a tiny two-piece swimsuit that allowed for a prominent display of her famously thick thighs and backside.

In the accompanying caption, Bernal referenced having different vibes. Regardless of what her vibes were, a large contingent of her 1.3 million followers were clearly feeling them, as they took to the comments thread in droves to praise her voluptuous body and its framing in the sultry snapshot.

“Flawless beauty,” raved one impassioned admirer.

“I don’t know why but whatever you wear looks good on you,” one fan wrote in Spanish, according to a Google translation.

“You are wifey material!!!” wrote another commenter.

“Beautiful woman,” appraised a fourth fan. “Natural curves.”

A body of water reflected the deep blue hues of the sky in the background of the Bogota-born model’s latest offering. A large hotel or apartment building was also visible amid a smattering of palms and other trees. Above them, large white clouds filled the sky without obstructing its blue brilliance. Despite the picturesque backdrop, Bernal’s bikini-clad body owned the frame.

Her tiny two-piece suit was made up of a bright orange fabric. As Bernal stood with her back to the camera in the shot, only a small patch of the material was visible on her plump posterior, which was prominently displayed in the middle of the photo. Just to the side of her right cheek, she caressed her thick thigh with her hand.

The upper half of the picture offered a clear look at Bernal’s beautiful face, as she had turned to her side to offer the camera a clear look at her dark eyes, defined nose and full lips. She projected a sweet smile as the photo was snapped. Furthermore, her long, dark locks flowed out from a center part and extended all the way down to her voluptuous derrière.

Bernal’s half-turn also allowed for a glimpse of her left breast, which was pleasingly confined by the corresponding cup of her top.

Her latest update generated a significant response on Instagram, racking up more than 6,000 likes and over 150 comments in under an hour.

As shared previously by The Inquisitr, Bernal once again flaunted her substantial curves in another update on September 15. In that post, she was wearing strappy black underwear.