Heidi Klum, 47, All Wrapped Up In A Bow As She Rocks High-Heeled Black Boots And Revealing Mini Dress

Heidi Klum poses on the red carpet.
TOBY CANHAM / Getty Images

Heidi Klum was all wrapped up in a bow for her latest Instagram snap, and the unusual look raised awareness for a good cause.

The model took to the social media site on Friday to share a picture of herself wearing full-length, black, high-heeled boots and a revealing minidress with a giant bow on the back. The model stood in front of an all-white background with her body facing away from the camera and her head turned back toward the lens with a smoldering expression. Her long blonde hair fell down below her shoulders in waves. The humungous bow stretched down to the ground behind her before winding and twisting back upward again.

In the caption, Klum credited the team that put the larger-than-life look together, including celebrity hairstylist Lorenzo Martin and wardrobe stylist Hodo Musa. She gave a special thanks to fashion designer Christian Cowan and rapper Lil Nas X, who came together to create a collection that benefits Atlanta’s Black LGBTQ youth community through the Loveland Foundation — a non-profit organization providing support and therapy to Black girls and women.

As Vogue reported, the collection, for which Klum is one of the models, is meant to showcase “glitzy fashion escapism” that reflects the punk and queer movements of the 1970s.

“Both [queer and punk people] were often funneled into the same venues for their club nights, because they were the only venues that would take them,” Cowan said. “In one club night, you would have, like, a cis white male punk with spiky hair, and then you’d also have trans and queer Black people in the same venue coexisting.”

Lil Nas X added that he loved the gender-fluid designs that ended up in the final line, though Klum showed off a more feminine look with the tight dress and long, shiny boots. Vogue noted that the collaborators developed all of the looks through FaceTime sessions, with Musa — the rapper’s stylist — playing an important role in putting it all together.

The picture of Klum’s contribution to the collection was a huge hit with her 7.6 million followers, racking up more than 16,000 likes within hours. Cowan also showed off the looks on his own Instagram page, including the snap of Klum showing off her gigantic bow. It got a big reaction from his followers.

“Real supermodel does the best,” wrote one fan. “Heidi Slay!”

“BOW down,” wrote another.

“So in love with everything,” another added.