‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: ‘Nick Flips His Lid’ & Phyllis Is Caught In The Middle

Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) on THE YOUNG THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.
Sonja Flemming / CBS

New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that “Nick flips his lid,” leaving Phyllis caught between him and Summer. The whole thing happens because of Summer’s secret engagement to Kyle before his divorce from Lola is finalized, and Phyllis accidentally finds out. Actress Hunter King recently discussed the storyline with Soap Opera Digest.

According to King, her on-screen alter ego and Kyle (Michael Mealor) enjoy a romantic double proposal in the park. They each take a turn at proposing marriage to the other and even exchange engagement rings. They are on cloud nine, and nothing could mar the moment, except Kyle is not entirely divorced from Lola (Sasha Calle). Because of that, they decide to keep their new status under wraps until the paperwork is complete and Kyle is genuinely free.

Michael Mealor (Kyle Abbott) and Hunter King (Summer Newman) on the new Dark Horse office set at Y&R.
  Sonja Flemming / CBS

However, Summer is unable to put her engagement ring away, so she wears it around her neck on a chain instead of on her finger. She keeps the news to herself, but when Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and her daughter meet for lunch, a dropped purse causes the ring to fall out of Summer’s dress. Of course, the eagle-eyed mom notices.

“Phyllis slightly loses her mind… Phyllis tries to be somewhat supportive so as not to drive her daughter away, but Phyllis is just shocked and even horrified that Summer and Kyle are engaged before he’s even officially divorced,” teased King.

Part of it is that Phyllis has been in a similar situation before and she realizes the type of heartache that can come from trying to start a new relationship before the old one is legally over. Phyllis isn’t willing to alienate Summer over the situation, but she does talk to her about how much smarter it is to wait.

Nick (Joshua Morrow), on the other hand, is not as open to simply being supportive of their daughter.

“Nick goes into full protective mode. At least Summer and Phyllis are able to talk about it on a calmer level, but Nick flips his lid. He then asks Phyllis to back him up, so who is Phyllis going to side with, and how is she going to spin this so as not to upset the other?”

This disagreement could not only cause a problem for Summer and her parents, but also be a sign of trouble for them. They’ve been enjoying their reunion and discussing that it is different from their past. However, a significant disagreement about their child could end up being something they cannot move past.