WWE News: Legendary Superstar Teases Return With Cryptic Tweet

The official WWE logo

The Boogeyman took to his Twitter account on Friday and teased his return to WWE. The legendary superstar, who was known for eating worms and scaring his opponents, shared a picture of his eyes along with the WWE logo, suggesting that he has his sights set on a comeback.

The superstar’s followers also interpreted his tweet as a return. One Twitter user wondered if he’d be appearing on Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown. Another asked if the company was ready for The Boogeyman’s long-awaited return. The rest of the comments echoed these sentiments.

As documented by Sportskeeda, The Boogeyman hasn’t been a full-time wrestler since he was released from his contract in 2009. He has been signed to a legends deal since 2015, which means that the company has the right to bring him back for special appearances.

He appeared on WWE television last year in a segment with Drake Maverick on Monday Night Raw. The episode was a reunion special, with many superstars from yesteryear making brief appearances.

In recent years, most of The Boogeyman’s cameos have been at special events and nostalgic specials. As of this writing, the promotion hasn’t announced any episodes of upcoming shows that fit that bill.

However, this year’s Halloween is the same weekend as a SmackDown show, and one of the brand’s top stars is someone who shares similarities with The Boogeyman.

As the Sportskeeda report noted, The Boogeyman has teased a match with Bray Wyatt in the past. Wyatt eliminated the superstar from the 2015 Royal Rumble match, but a one-on-one showdown between the pair never came to fruition.

However, The Boogeyman stated that the fans want the bout to happen, and he seems open to the idea. Wyatt also seems like the most logical choice as his gimmick is also spooky and supernatural.

Since debuting his “Fiend” persona, he has attacked legendary superstars on a regular basis, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he and The Boogeyman crossed paths. With Halloween on the horizon, officials might be interested in having the demonic personas clash in a horror-themed cinematic bout of some kind.

Despite only wrestling full time in the promotion for four years, The Boogeyman made a big impression on fans. His character was memorable and his sporadic outings since being released have always been well-received.

Perhaps his latest tweet was nothing more than a way to mess with the fans and fuel speculation. However, it also suggested that he’s building toward something.