Kim French Sports Impossibly Tiny Animal-Print Booty Shorts That Flaunt Her Sculpted Derriere

Kim French takes a selfie in a black outfit.
Kim French / Instagram

Fitness model Kim French took to popular social media site Instagram on Thursday, September 17, to post a new workout video in which she flaunted her sculpted backside in a pair of animal-print booty shorts.

For the workout, Kim wore a black cropped T-shirt with the words “Bada** B*tch” written in white letters across the front. The top clung to her chiseled upper body, leaving her toned arms and a strip of tummy on display. She paired the top with impossibly tight booty shorts that barely extended past her backside, contouring to her curves. The shorts featured a thick black band at the waist and were decorated in a variety of animal prints, including cheetah and tiger. Kim’s muscular legs were left exposed.

The fitness trainer completed the outfit with a pair of silver-and-white Adidas sneakers. She styled her long tresses in a high ponytail that trailed to her waist.

Kim completed the training session in an indoor space with tile flooring and white walls. She relied on several pieces of equipment for the exercises, including a barbell, a set of dumbbells, a couple of resistance bands, a step, and a plate weight. She demonstrated a total of six moves, each separated into an individual video clip in the post.

The first exercise in the circuit was good mornings. This move required the use of the barbell. Kim was filmed from behind as she bent into each good morning, giving viewers an eyeful of her legs and booty. The second slide showed the DB squat with elevated heel. Standing with her heels on a plate weight, Kim placed the dumbbells at her shoulders and completed a set of squats.

The third move was the banded leg extension, using a blue resistance band. Kim positioned her body in a V-sit and wrapped the elastic around both feet to complete the exercise. She followed the leg extensions with leg curls, kneeling on the floor with her upper body supported on a step.

The DB static lunge came next. Kim incorporated an elastic band for added resistance. The final video clip showed the split squat. The model used a specialized piece of equipment known as a landmine to carry out the final exercise.

In the caption of the post, Kim wrote out the number of sets and reps trainees should do for each move. She added that the routine destroyed her legs and challenged her followers to give it a try to see for themselves.