WWE News: ‘Raw’ Superstar Comments On Speculation That He Might Be Leaving Company

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Amid rumors suggesting that he might be planning to leave WWE once his contract expires, Monday Night Raw superstar Ricochet took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the matter and clarify that he has not expressed any desire to part ways with the promotion.

As reported by WrestlingNews.co, the WrestleVotes Twitter account reported earlier this week that there is a WWE superstar who has decided against re-signing with the company once their contract comes up. As the account’s administrators chose not to provide a specific name, many followers speculated on the wrestler’s identity, with some reportedly concluding that Ricochet won’t be renewing his deal with WWE.

A separate story from Ringside News shared several of these tweets, which included one from a user who claimed that the former United States Champion signed a three-year deal in January 2018.

On Thursday night, Ricochet shared a pair of tweets, with the first one featuring an animated GIF of Leonardo DiCaprio’s famous scene from The Wolf of Wall Street, where, as stockbroker Jordan Belfort, he announced that he is not leaving the company he co-founded. In the second post, he issued a brief statement where he wondered where the talk of his potential departure originated and emphasized that he has no plans to walk away from WWE.

You can view these posts here.

“But seriously, where the hell did these rumors start? I’ve never said once that I am leaving. To anyone! So for these ‘dirt sheets’ out there. Maybe facts check before you just blast some trash on your website for some clicks?”

Ricochet (R) lands a kick on Cedric Alexander (L).

According to WrestlingNews.co, the lack of information from the original report makes it virtually impossible to accurately speculate on the identity of the person who was being referred to, unless they themselves publicly reveal their plans to let their contract run out. However, the outlet added that a number of wrestlers can be “ruled out” due to the fact that they had recently signed new multi-year deals with WWE. These include the likes of AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, and Sasha Banks.

In recent weeks, Ricochet has been used regularly on Monday Night Raw as he continues his feud with The Hurt Business. However, previous rumors have suggested that WWE chairman Vince McMahon isn’t a big fan of the 31-year-old high-flyer, who hasn’t had a major pay-per-view match since his loss to Brock Lesnar at Super ShowDown in February. Prior to that, it was reported that he was among then-Raw executive director Paul Heyman’s favorite wrestlers and that he would be in for a bigger push on the red brand’s programming.