Cosplay Model Liz Katz Sizzles In Sexy 'Wayne's World'-Inspired Throwback Photo

Lorenzo Tanos

Cosplay model Liz Katz may be expecting a baby at the moment, but she's made sure to keep her fans in the loop, posting a mix of current and throwback photos in recent weeks. Her newest update was an example of the latter, as she shared an image of herself paying tribute to Mike Myers' Wayne Campbell character from the Wayne's World films and Saturday Night Live skits.

The photo, which was shared Thursday night, featured Liz sitting on a gray couch with a black guitar and what looked like a pumpkin in the background, underscoring how the shoot had a Halloween theme. Although the cosplayer wasn't showing as much skin as she usually does, she got to flaunt her cleavage in a low-cut, sleeveless black top, which she teamed with a pair of ripped blue jeans. She rocked a black baseball cap with the Wayne's World logo and wore her long blond hair down both of her shoulders.

Liz's caption, which was a reference to Wayne Campbell's signature catchphrase, was especially appropriate for the snap, which also featured her sitting next to a skeleton dressed as the character's best friend, Garth Algar. The skeleton was outfitted with a blond wig, a pair of eyeglasses, and a checkered flannel shirt, staying consistent with the outfits regularly worn by Dana Carvey when he played Garth in the films and on SNL.

"Yo you look good with a cap on," wrote one fan, following up with a pair of emoji.

"Delirious moments after conceiving babylirious," joked a second person, referencing Liz's boyfriend and the father of her child, YouTuber H2O Delirious.

"You're the life of this party," read a third follower's reply.

"If she was a president, she'd be Babraham Lincoln," quipped a fourth admirer, adding heart eyes, fire, and rolling on the floor laughing emoji as they quoted a popular line from the first Wayne's World movie.

Prior to the new update, Liz shared another throwback photo for her Instagram fanbase, wearing a blue-and-white bikini top and skintight blue jeans as she paid tribute to the Japanese anime/manga series One Piece. She also showed off her baby bump in a snap she uploaded last week, joking in the caption that she looked like "Cameron Diaz in The Mask but way more pregnant."