Instagram Model Julia Muniz Flaunts Her Booty & Sideboob In A Thong Swimsuit For Latest Spicy Update

Julia Muniz posts a selfie on Instagram
Julia Muniz / Instagram

Instagram model Julia Muniz showcased her curves while opening up about embracing her feminine side in her latest update. For the post, she was shot in a revealing thong swimsuit that highlighted her defined backside.

The Brazilian beauty is known for her skills on a surfboard and her stunning looks, and in this upload, she revealed that striking sexy poses does not come naturally to her. She was photographed walking along the sand on a beach that had some rough terrain. The sky was baby blue and waves could be seen crashing in the distance. As with other recent posts, Muniz tagged the location as Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia.

The 22-year-old was captured from behind for a full-body shot as she looked to delicately place her feet in the sand. Her long black hair appeared wet and hung straight down. She held her arms extended in the air, as her right foot was firmly planted in the sand and her left foot had the heel up. Her dark shadow could be seen on the ground in front of her.

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In this new moon I want to embrace my femininity. I know through photos I can look very feminine but in fact I dont really feel/Am A very sexy person ???? and I have a hard time embracing my feminine side ???? I shutdown this a while ago when I was growing up because I noticed society would always put women as fragile and I didn’t want to be that. I thought in order to be “strong” I needed to shut my feminine side but now I know we can be it all and this really affects me. We all, women and man – need our feminine and masculine energies working together! I’ve been working on it for a while and taking “sexy” photos really empowers me ???? doing yoga, dancing and connecting with my inner goddess energy. What empowers you?

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Muniz rocked a black swimsuit from clothing company Indah, which had shoulder straps that ran the length of her back and connected to the bottoms. The one-piece had side cutouts and left her back exposed. Fans were treated to a shot of her curvaceous booty in the thong bottoms, along with a hint of sideboob in the open sides. Her skin popped against the light backdrop, and this helped further embellish her toned legs.

In the caption, the surfer left a lengthy message about her struggles with embracing femininity. Muniz said in her youth that she rejected acting feminine because she believed society treated “women as fragile.” She mentioned that through personal growth she has learned to accept this side of her personality, and that posing for sultry photos has helped. The model added butterfly and heart emoji in the caption before uploading the post on Thursday.

Many of Muniz’s 763,000 Instagram followers took notice of the cheeky snap, and nearly 10,000 showed their approval by hitting the like button in just over three hours after it was posted. The Brazilian’s replies were littered with fire emoji, and multiple fans responded to her heartfelt caption.

“Absolutely feel you! I’m also looking for the balance between the yin and the yang,” one follower wrote.

“Yes @juliamuniz couldn’t agree with you more! You can be soft and strong at the same time,” fellow surfer Felicity Palmateer replied.

“This is such a battle for me!” an Instagram user commented.

“Yessss queen…you got it all,” another added.

As covered by The Inquisitr, earlier in the week, Muniz showed serious cleavage in a floral-print bikini.