Suzy Cortez Sizzles Poolside In Skimpy Lingerie Shoot

Suzy Cortez takes a selfie
Suzy Cortez / Instagram

Instagram sensation and Miss Bumbum World 2019 Suzy Cortez stunned her 2.4 million followers with her latest risque video post. The update, which was posted on Thursday, September 17, showed Suzy lying poolside as she revealed to her audience just how her photo shoots unfold.

The model wore a scandalously revealing pale pink lingerie set. She reclined in front of the crystal clear water of an in-ground pool, supporting her weight on her elbows. A man adjusted one of the straps of her thong, making sure that it is was in exactly the right spot before any photos were taken.

Once her outfit was perfectly in place, Suzy stretched up, removing one of her arms from the paved area below and revealing more of her outfit. The bra featured sheer cups with a satin cover in the center. Plunging down low, it also highlighted the celebrity’s ample cleavage. Multiple straps not only wrapped around Suzy’s midriff, but joined the bra and briefs together.

The fitness model performed various poses while a photographer took multiple pictures. As she did so, her toned physique was certainly on display.

A slight breeze played with Suzy’s dark locks, which were gently curled and parted to the side. At one point, she had to adjust her hair, tucking several strands out of the way.

As soon as Suzy posted the update, her followers responded quickly. Within one hour, the clip had already gathered more than 7,200 likes and plenty of attention via comments from her adoring fanbase.

The vast majority of her fans left messages in various languages. In particular, the word “maravilhosa.” According to a Google translation, this means “wonderful” in Portuguese. “Perfeita,” or “perfect,” was another often-used Portuguese word.

“Tired of waiting for the prince,” one follower wrote in the comments section, also using a heart emoji for further emphasis.

In order to avoid the language barrier, many of her followers opted to use emoji rather than the written word in order to convey how they felt. The most popular appeared to be the fire, heart, and heart-eye emoji. However, the kissing and drooling emoji also got a serious workout as well.

Suzy often posts risque content to her official social media account. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she shared a snap yesterday that featured her wearing a red fur boa and matching thong. As to be expected, her fans went wild once the image was posted, and it gathered plenty of attention as a result.