Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancee, Brittany Matthews Gives Him A Birthday Kiss While Rocking A Bikini For Latest Updat

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews attend a movie premiere
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Brittany Matthews, who recently got engaged to NFL star Patrick Mahomes, wished her fiance a happy birthday with a seven-photo Instagram upload. For the post, she was pictured sharing a kiss with him while sporting a bikini and enjoying time together in various locations.

The 24-year-old has gained a large following online thanks to her workout tips, and in this first slide, she put her athletic figure on display in a revealing swimsuit. Matthews was photographed alongside her beau on the shore of a beach. She was shot from the side as she wrapped her arms around his waist, and raised her head to give him a kiss.

Matthews had her long golden blond hair partially in braids and wrapped up in a bun. The social media influencer wore a leopard-print bikini, and viewers were treated to a glimpse of her toned legs and curvy backside.

In the second snap, the couple were filmed in the same location, but this time Matthews wore a large gray T-shirt while Mahomes gave her a smooch on the cheek. He wore a red tank top,burgundy-colored swim trunks and a backward white hat.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback held a bottle of beer in his left hand while grabbing Matthews’ shoulders with his right. For the third slide, the duo stayed on the shore, and this time the quarterback got cheeky and grabbed his fiancee’s booty.

The couple were shot embracing on a green lawn of a large home in the fifth photo. They were photographed on a boat, and were surrounded by clear skies and bright blue water for the sixth image.

Matthews flaunted her legs in a pair of torn denim shorts as she sat on her fiance’s lap, and pressed his face close to her’s. The final pic was a “family photo” of the duo posing with their two dogs.

For the caption, Matthews wished Mahomes a happy birthday, and sent him some love. She added a heart emoji before uploading the pics on Thursday. Many of her 623,000 Instagram followers quickly flocked to the post, and nearly 87,000 showed their support by hitting the like button in just over two hours after it went live. The influencer received over 630 comments in short order, as her replies were littered with heart emoji.

“Y’all are the best and such a great couple. Happy birthday to the man!!!” one supportive fan wrote.

“Love you two! Beautiful together,” another added.

“I’m here for y’all,” a follower replied.

As covered previously by The Inquisitr, in July, Matthews put her curvy backside on display in a swimsuit while on a boat.