Friday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Avery Seemingly Goes Missing & Ava's In A Panic

Stacy Carey

Friday's episode of General Hospital may bring a frightening development, according to the latest spoilers. Little Avery is spending time with her mom, Ava, at the cabin, and Nikolas is there as well. The three connected a bit during Thursday's show, but the sneak peek for the September 18 episode signaled that this time away from the city could soon take a dark turn.

The preview shows Ava and Nikolas standing outside the cabin, and she seems to be in a panic. She is rattled as she tells him that someone is gone, and it certainly seems that she is referring to her daughter.

Does Avery get kidnapped or somehow wander away from the cabin? Could Nelle have shown up and taken her? Luckily, General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps provide a nugget of information that should soothe concerned viewers.

Next week, Ava will drop Avery off at Sonny's place. That is certainly good news, as it would seem to suggest that the little girl will not be missing for long, if at all.

It could be that Avery ends up missing briefly but turns up quickly and without anything dire happening. However, plenty of General Hospital fans quickly began to speculate that Nelle could be involved.

Nelle hasn't been seen since she fell off the cliff. General Hospital spoilers have teased that she is out of the picture for now, but fans feel fairly certain she's not gone for good.

Whether Nelle is still lingering in the woods somewhere or has taken off for parts unknown, there are signs that she's out there somewhere. It would be a very Nelle-like move to see an opportunity to snatch Avery and go on the run.

It appears that quite a few General Hospital fans speculated about that possibility. Teasers suggest that's not the case, and viewers should learn more during Friday's show.

"Did that friggin' Nelle take Avery?" one fan speculated on Twitter.

"WHO GOT MY LIL SIS! Avery! NELLE IF YOU GOT MY SIS!" tweeted another viewer.

Even if Ava only worries for a few moments that Avery is gone, this incident could lead to some interesting developments. Could Nikolas be the one to figure out where she is, softening Ava toward him that much more?

Will Sonny find out that his daughter seemed to be unaccounted for briefly, and tie that to Nik being there? Sonny made it clear to Ava that he didn't want Nikolas around the little girl, so things could be a bit tense in the aftermath.

What seems to be a worrisome situation with Avery may ultimately be more about what Nikolas and Ava do about their marriage going forward. General Hospital spoilers have hinted for a while now that their animosity toward one another might transition into romantic feelings, and more should be revealed on Friday.