Sofia Vergara Jogs In Corset Top & Celebrates Quick Pee Break On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Set

Sofia was trying to beat the clock.

Sofia Vergara attends the "America's Got Talent" Season 15 Kickoff
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Sofia was trying to beat the clock.

Sofia Vergara had her Instagram followers in hysterics with a behind-the-scenes video filmed during the America’s Got Talent live shows. She also demonstrated a talent of her own: running in high heels and a restrictive corset top.

In the video, Sofia wore the same stunning outfit featured in one of her recent photo uploads. It consisted of a pair of black pleated pants and a corset top with a low sweetheart neckline that put her cleavage on full display. The garment’s other features included boning, floral embroidery, and black ribbon-like accents. Her chic shoes were a pair of platform sandals with dangerously high block heels.

At the beginning of the clip, Sofia and her fellow judges, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel, were getting ready for the start of the show. Sofia sat in her judge’s chair and wrote something down on a notepad. Howie asked her if she was “excited” about the show, and she confessed that her bladder was making her a bit uncomfortable.

“Yeah. I kind of want to pee, but—”

“Already?” Howie interjected.

Heidi also expressed surprise that Sofia already needed a bathroom break. The Modern Family star seemingly decided that she couldn’t wait until the next opportunity she would have to make the long trek to the restroom, so she got out of her chair and began jogging backstage. Her heels appeared to slow her down somewhat.

“The time is ticking,” Heidi warned her as she exited through an open door.

Sofia was informed that she only had three minutes to get back to her seat, and she complained that the bathroom was “super far away.” Meanwhile, her supermodel co-judge predicted that she wouldn’t make it back before the start of the show.

Sofia was then shown running back down the hall after exiting the bathroom. Thanks to the low neckline of her top, she risked a potential wardrobe malfunction. However, she was too busy celebrating to worry about covering up her chest. She smiled at the camera as she jogged by.

“I did it! I did it!” she exclaimed.

The orchestral song “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg played over the video. The music’s frenetic sound perfectly captured Sofia’s urgency as she rushed back to her seat. She triumphantly raised her arms in the air when she made it with just seconds to spare.

Variations of laughing emoji were popular responses to her Instagram upload. Her fans also used words to express how entertaining they found the funny footage.

“Oh my goodness that is hilarious,” one fan remarked.

“Can’t stop laughing! You’re unique,” wrote another admirer.

“The time is ticking but hey not to worry Sofia is always on time and timeless,” a third message read.