Jessica Nigri Flaunts Cleavage And Booty In Sexy ‘Fairly OddParents’ Cosplay

Cosplayer Jessica Nigri poses for a selfie.
Jessica Nigri / Instagram

Cosplay model Jessica Nigri returned to Instagram on Wednesday with a new upload, sharing five photos and one video where she offered a sexy take on one of the main characters from the Nickelodeon animated series The Fairly OddParents.

In the first of the photos, Jessica posed in what appeared to be a bedroom inspired by the iconic cartoon, flaunting her curvaceous booty in a pair of black panties. The rest of her look included a neon green wig that underscored how she was cosplaying as a female version of the Cosmo character, as well as a light green bra, a gold crown, a magic wand, and a pair of black, thigh-high boots.

The second photo featured Jessica sitting down as she faced the camera and showed off what appeared to be her complete costume, which included a white shirt that she tied at the midriff, a set of fairy wings, and a pair of black shorts. The pose allowed her to showcase her massive cleavage and flat midsection as she looked on flirtatiously and smiled with her lips closed.

In the third snap, Jessica was photographed standing next to the same cabinet that made an appearance in the first image. She posed without the white shirt and wore her shorts unbuttoned as she showed a little more skin for her followers.

Just as she teased in the caption, Jessica joined forces with fellow cosplay model Meg Turney in the fourth picture. While both women wore similar outfits in this shot, fans of The Fairly OddParents would recognize that Meg was cosplaying as Cosmo’s wife, Wanda, with her golden yellow top and salmon pink wig.

The fifth part of the upload featured Jessica bending down and flaunting her booty while looking back at the camera with a playful expression on her face. She wrapped up the slideshow with a Boomerang clip where she reclined on the orange chair shown in most of the photos, before sitting up and putting the wand next to her lips, almost as if she was kissing it.

The post has been live for less than half a day but it has already received over 126,000 likes from Jessica’s followers. They also left close to 550 comments over the same 11-hour timeframe, with many responding to her caption and choosing their favorite part of the six-part upload.

“I really like the third and fifth pics, also I wish for more pokemon cosplays in the future because that would be awesome!!!” gushed one follower.

“1st, because ‘My god’. And 5th because ‘My god! Aarrgghhh my eyes!’ but both beautiful in [their] own way,” a second fan opined.

“Dang, she’s almost as hot as cosmo,” quipped a third commenter, adding an OK hand emoji.