Qimmah Russo Shows Off Chiseled Abs As She Dances Around In Crop Top And Electric Blue Panties

Qimmah Russo attends The Maxim Big Game Experience at The Fairmont on February 02, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia
Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

Fitness trainer Qimmah Russo showed off her killer dance moves and impressed her 1.6 Instagram million followers with a recent post. The update, which was posted on Wednesday, September 16, saw her grooving away while wearing a teeny top and panties, declaring in the caption that she is “always dancing.”

Qimmah had selected a white t-shirt that was tied in a knot at the front. This caused the item of clothing to cling to her form, showing off plenty of her washboard abs. A pink-and-blue pattern also featured on the front of the top.

The fitness guru chose a pair of electric blue panties for her bottom half. The bikini briefs sat high over her toned hips and helped to showcase her muscular thighs and calves as well as her pert derriere as she danced around to her chosen song.

As the clip started, Qimmah walked toward the camera, moving in time to the music as she did so. Her dark curls were pulled back into two braids and they flicked around as she gyrated.

As the video progressed, Qimmah sunk down into a stance, bending her knees and really getting into the groove as she swung her hips from side to side. At one point, she also leaned back, swinging her arms into the air before smiling at the camera at the end.

As soon as Qimmah posted the video, her followers were quick to respond. Within six hours, the clip had already garnered close to 44,000 likes and hundreds of comments from her legion of fans.

“Every time that song comes on that’s the vibe!!!” one follower wrote in the comments section.

“Let’s Daaaaaance!! Miss u already [baby],” fellow Instagram sensation Nikee Olivera declared.

“Qimmah & EW&F, what a combination!” another user stated in response to the song playing by Earth, Wind & Fire.

“Fantastic! You’re wonderfully alive. You’re beautiful inside too Qimmah,” a fourth person wrote, using several emoji for further emphasis.

Many of her followers also decided to use emoji over words in order to convey how they felt. The most popular appeared to be the fire, heart-eyes, and variations of the heart emoji. However, many also opted for the kissing one as well.

Qimmah is known for her chiseled physique and famous abs, and often shares workout clips showing her admirers how she has achieved her toned figure. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she shared a late-night training session in an update yesterday. In that clip, she lifted weights as she worked on her biceps.