Georgina Mazzeo Flaunts Cleavage, Gorgeous Green Eyes In Plunging Black Top

Venezuelan model and Instagram star Georgina Mazzeo poses for a selfie.
Georgina Mazzeo / Instagram

Venezuelan model and Instagram star Georgina Mazzeo has developed a habit of uploading spicy content to her popular feed on a near daily basis. With her update on Wednesday, September 16, the 29-year-old shared a no-frills still shot that may have lacked some of the production and/or pageantry of other recent posts, but nonetheless managed to relay a sex appeal all its own.

In the sultry snap, Mazzeo appeared before the camera in a relatively plain, black top while flashing her painted fingernails. However, the garment’s plunging neckline allowed for a considerable display of cleavage. Furthermore, the tight angle of the shot allowed the social media maven’s gorgeous green eyes to own the frame.

While the post’s caption was written in Spanish, Mazzeo referenced the notion that a confident woman could be a “dangerous thing,” per Google Translate. As of this writing, nearly 500 comments had been left by fans, and if the overwhelmingly positive tone of their replies was any indication, they were firmly on board with Mazzeo’s understated, yet confident approach in the photo, “danger” notwithstanding.

“1000% [true],” stated one fan, in reference to the caption. “Esp. when she is a boss…”

“Beautiful shining eyes,” opined another admirer.

“Enamorado de tu belleza,” wrote one commenter in Spanish, which translates to “Enamored with your beauty.”

The word “hermosa” was frequently used in the comment thread as well, which translates to “beautiful.”

Mazzeo’s body from just below her bustline to the top of her head was captured in the mid-shot, which appeared to have been taken in a relatively mundane room with beige walls and a matching sofa or love seat in the background behind her. However, her picturesque face and perky assets more than made up for the unexciting backdrop.

Her ribbed, black top was buttoned-up in the middle and was draped on both sides by lengthy, dark strands of hair. The shirt’s tightness accentuated her ample bosom to great effect, while its plunging neckline revealed the division in her chest. A small beauty mark was also visible on her right breast.

In the upper half of the frame, Mazzeo’s full, reddish-pink lips were parted to reveal a smattering of white teeth. Meanwhile, the brilliant green irises of her wide-open eyes popped against the contrasting light tones of her face and the room behind her.

Mazzeo’s latest offering proved to be a popular one with her 2.2 million followers, notching almost 60,000 likes in just two hours after appearing on her feed.

As shared recently by The Inquisitr, Mazzeo hyped her TikTok feed with a reel posted over the weekend that showed her shaking her booty as part of a choreographed dance routine while wearing a formfitting bodysuit and a pair of Daisy Dukes.