Kate Gosselin Slammed For Speaking Publicly About Son Collin After Reportedly Not Seeing Him For Years

The 'Kate Plus 8' star was blasted on her Instagram page after vowing to investigate allegations against her ex-husband, Jon.

Kate Gosselin poses at an outdoor event.
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The 'Kate Plus 8' star was blasted on her Instagram page after vowing to investigate allegations against her ex-husband, Jon.

Kate Gosselin is being blasted on social media after speaking out about allegations that her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, physically abused their 16-year-old son, Collin.

The former Kate Plus 8 star told People her ex is a “violent and abusive” person amid allegations that he punched and kicked Collin during an argument earlier this month. Kate vowed to continue to pursue a Children and Youth Services investigation on behalf of Collin, despite the fact that no charges were filed against her ex and there is no ongoing case against him.

She was also vocal about the fact that she does not want any of her kids “around” their father anymore.

The former reality TV star reportedly lost custody of Collin nearly two years ago. He returned to Jon’s Pennsylvania home after living at a facility for children with special needs for a lengthy period of time.

Kate Gosselin and her children attend the Discovery Upfront event at Jazz at Lincoln Center on April 23, 2008 in New York City.
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In response to Kate’s very public comments about her son and ex-husband, many people headed to her Instagram page to vent. Though she hasn’t posted on the site since July, the comments section of her most recent post, seen here, was flooded with angry comments from irate followers and former viewers of her reality show who couldn’t believe she was speaking publicly about the family situation.

“What happened Kate… case is closed… still running to People magazine and selling your kids out… the party’s over narc,” one commenter wrote.

“Stop trying to be relevant,” another added. “Keep your personal life personal, and stop trying to be front-page news. It is time to get a job and be a Mom.”

“News flash, Kate. You don’t get to kick your kid out of the house because he’s become too difficult for you to exploit…and then complain about how your ex parents him,” a third wrote.

“Wow Kate, you put Collin away and don’t even speak to him and now all of sudden you care… BS,” another ranted.

Other commenters pointed out that the mom of eight has no rights over Collin anymore, and some told her to stop “pretending” to care about her kids just to stay relevant now that their TV show is apparently off the air for good.

Fans of the family know that there hasn’t been a Kate Plus 8 episode on TLC since last fall and that the long-running reality show appears to have been canceled by the network. Kate’s spinoff dating series has also not been renewed.

Kate has not spoken publicly about Collin at all in recent years, after initially revealing she had sent him away to a school for children with special needs. Last year, Jon alleged that his ex-wife was estranged from their son and has a “no-contact” order with him, per In Touch Weekly.