Alexis Skyy Shows Off Ample Booty In Racy Instagram Post Featuring ‘Slippery When Wet’ Shorts

alexis skyy selfie
alexis skyy / Instagram

Love & Hip Hop star Alexis Skyy showed off her curvy backside in an Instagram post showing off form-fitting shorts featuring the phrase “Slippery When Wet.”

On Tuesday night, Skyy posed in front of a plain, cream-colored wall, her head turned ever-so-slightly towards the camera, while her viewers were directed not to her face, but to her bottom. Covering her round booty was a pair of gold shorts with a sly double entendre.

Her fans were suitably impressed. More than one commenter asked where they could get a pair. Fortunately, Skyy answered the question right there in the caption: they’re available from Sleepwrld, a retailer that specializes in nighties, pajamas, and other garments.

Unfortunately, it looks like Alexis’ fans won’t be able to take a page out of her book and show off those shorts — officially called “Caution Shorts” — in their own lives, because right now the words “Sold Out” appear on the listing on the retailer’s website. If and when they’re available again, Skyy’s followers can save 25 percent by using the code offered in her caption.

The rest of Alexis’ outfit was, at least for her, pretty mundane, which makes sense considering she was trying to bring the shorts to her fans’ attention, and not her simple black crop-top or plain, dark headband.

Along with inquiring about where to purchase the ensemble, fans flocked to the comments section to shower Alexiss with compliments for the look.

“All natural too… love to see it,” wrote one admirer.

Others played their comments off of the message on Alexis’ pants.

“Well let me slide in!!!,” one commenter wrote.

“I’d run on that floor. No [f*cks] given,” said another.

Another suggested that they’d like a pair, too, although it isn’t clear if they mean they want the bottoms for themself or so they can admire someone else in them.

“That’s a bday wish,” they said

As of Wednesday afternoon, Alexis’ sexy booty shorts post has gotten just over 115,000 Likes.

This isn’t the first time Alexis has modeled shorts from the same company. Back in late August, she did a sultry dance for fans while wearing another garment, this time with the words “Sour Patch,” a nod to the popular candy. Like her “Slippery When Wet” pants, the “Sour Patch” shorts were and are form-fitting and highlight the wearer’s bottom. That post got close to half a million views.

And, those particular shorts, for what it’s worth, are still available on the Sleepwrld website.