WWE Rumors: Backstage Update On Company’s Plans For Braun Strowman Following ‘Raw’ Appearance

Braun Strowman leaves the arena after breaking the ring

WWE superstar Braun Strowman made a surprising appearance on this week’s Monday Night Raw. The “Monster Among Men” was set up for a “Raw Underground” fight against Dabba-Kato on the next episode as well. This led some fans and pundits to speculate about his current status in the company.

Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda provided a backstage update on the matter, revealing why the former Universal Champion was used on Monday’s episode, even though he’s supposed to be a Friday Night SmackDown star.

“At the moment, Braun Strowman is still a SmackDown guy. I have reached out and have had that confirmed and RAW Underground is being used as a special non-brand arena right now. It’s very possible that come the draft he will be moved but at the moment, it’s another case of the company not having anything for someone right now. Shane McMahon has enough room to help someone out, much like he’s done with Shayna Baszler in the past.”

As Colohue noted, the fight club isn’t exclusive to members of the red brand. Since its inception, it’s often featured NXT talents, including former MMA star Jessamyn Duke. Strowman’s inclusion could pave the way for more performers from the blue brand’s weekly show to make appearances.

Strowman recently lost the Universal Championship to Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam, only for the title to be won by Roman Reigns at Payback. Now that the superstar is no longer in the main title picture, the company needs to find another storyline for him. Reigns is expected to be the champion for the foreseeable future.

The fight club segments tend to feature performers who have no significant angles at the time, and Strowman fits the bill in that regard. The brand split has also been largely abandoned during the pandemic, and it’s not uncommon for wrestlers to move between shows.

According to Strowman, via his Twitter, the reason for his unexpected appearance was to remind people of who he is. The monster appears to be trying to get his competitive edge back following his recent title loss.

The angle also fits his character, who is portrayed as an intimidating force who doesn’t answer to anyone but himself. He’s been playing up this aspect of his persona on social media in recent days.

As documented by WhatCulture, the next WWE draft is reportedly set for October. Several performers will undoubtedly move shows in an effort to rejuvenate them. With Strowman no longer in the Universal Championship hunt, he might be better served elsewhere.