Tom Bergeron Shares Cute Photo Of Granddog But All Fans Want To Talk About Is 'DWTS'

Lucille Barilla

Tom Bergeron took to Instagram to share two cute photos of his "granddogger" with his 199,000 followers. The adorable series of pics appeared to be overshadowed by a flurry of fan comments that begged the former host of Dancing with the Stars to return to the series, as they felt the show was not the same without him.

The snaps showed the pooch in separate before-and-after poses. In the top pic, the pup looked directly at the camera. The animal lay with their head flat on a tan blanket. Behind the pup was a brown print pillow. This image was likely taken before the animal was groomed.

In the second photograph, a trimmed and brushed pup was seen lying in the same spot as before. Shorter hair and a blue bandanna added to the dog's neck made for a striking difference between the two images.

In the caption of the post, Tom made a tongue-in-cheek remark about the adorable pet.

Instead of replying in kind to the feel-good post, fans took to the comments section to share their displeasure regarding the many changes that have been enacted on their favorite dance competition program. The series aired its first episode of Season 29 without Tom at the helm on September 14.

"Last night was JUST NOT the same. The warm heartfelt touch of the show is gone," wrote a second fan.

Other social media users echoed those comments and claimed the show felt different without Tom at the helm.

This is not the first time fans have reached out in defense of the former DWTS personality, who was fired in July and replaced with Tyra Banks. In a story reported by The Inquisitr, Carrie Ann Inaba posted a pic of two cast members that have been on every single episode of Dancing with the Stars thus far. This included Carrie Ann and fellow judge Bruno Tonioli.

Tom's diehard supporters took offense to that share and noted that he too should have been included as a longstanding cast member in Carrie Ann's Instagram post, despite being let go from his role in the production.