‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Spoilers: Willow Encourages Michael As The Two Get Closer

Katelyn MacMullen and Chad Duell star on 'General Hospital' together
Craig Sjodin / ABC

During Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers suggest that Michael and Willow’s relationship will deepen a bit. Their friendship led to a marriage of convenience, but all signs point toward the likelihood that a romance is on the horizon.

The Twitter sneak peek for the September 16 episode reveals that Willow will try to encourage Michael to trust her and open up more. General Hospital teasers indicate that she will promise she will never think less of him over something he shares with her.

Michael looks perhaps a bit anxious or reflective as he listens to Willow. What is on his mind that he worries will scare her away? Michael certainly has a complicated personal history, so it’s understandable that he might feel anxious about sharing some of his life experiences with her.

Whatever it is that prompts Willow to say this, General Hospital spoilers hint that the conversation as a whole will serve to deepen the connection between these two. SheKnows Soaps indicates that viewers will see Willow and Michael become closer during Wednesday’s show. Most people suspect the one kiss they recently shared will not be their last.

General Hospital teasers detail that much of Wednesday’s episode will focus on the heartbreaking situation with Mike. He only has a few more hours to live and the family is gathering to say their goodbyes.

Michael has been at General Hospital for much of this process involving Mike. However, it seems he’ll break away at least briefly to perhaps check on Wiley and apparently to connect with Willow.

It appears Michael and Willow meet up at the park for this upcoming conversation, which occurs when it is dark outside. Perhaps he needed a breather given how emotional and intense things have been at General Hospital with Mike. He may have asked Willow to meet up for a bit.

Both Sasha and Chase have struggled in the aftermath of faking their fling because they are both still deeply in love with their former flames. However, at least for now, they both seem to have accepted it’s too late to admit the truth and try to rebuild their former relationships.

How soon will Willow and Michael embrace the idea they might be destined to be more than friends? There aren’t many other specifics available yet regarding what’s next for Willow and Michael. However, General Hospital spoilers signal there’s romance on the way for them and more heartbreak ahead for Chase and Sasha.