Michie Peachie Stuns In Cleavage-Teasing Sports Bra & Figure-Hugging Leggings For Back & Shoulder Day

Michie Peachie takes a mirror selfie in a blue outfit.
Michie Peachie / Instagram

Fitness model Michie Peachie posted a new workout video set to popular social media platform Instagram on Tuesday, September 15, in which she worked her back and shoulders at the gym and stunned in a cleavage-revealing sports bra.

For the workout, the model wore a white sports bra with spaghetti straps and an intricate design along the chest that included crisscrossing strips of fabric over a large cutout. Michie’s busty cleavage could be seen through the spaces in the fabric. On her lower half, she went with a pair of brown leggings with an identical interlocking design along the back, just above her sculpted booty. The leggings rose high on her hips and extended to her ankles, hugging the curves of her hips and long, lean legs.

To complete the outfit, Michie added a pair of white sneakers. She styled her brunette tresses in a side braid that she pulled over one shoulder.

The workout took place in a gym setting where Michie made use of a variety of specialized equipment and machines. She completed a total of six exercises, each split into an individual video clip. The names of the exercises were written at the base of the frames in white lettering.

The first clip featured the lying T-bar row, carried out on an incline bench. Michie pulled up on an apparatus that was stacked with a large plate weight. The second move was the cable row wide grip, performed on a cable machine. Michie completed a set of rear delt crossovers next, giving viewers an eyeful of her chiseled upper back muscles as she completed each rep. The fourth slide featured the cable pull-across, which was followed by another move using the same machine. In the final clip, Michie demonstrated the front, lateral, and reverse raise.

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BACK at the Gym: Back➕Shoulder DAY!!???????? – 4 sets of 8-10 reps!! – Who still doesn’t have gym access? Most of you girls have let me know that you’re back at the gym but I know there are still a few like me here who don’t have access. The main gym I go to, sent out a notice that they pretty much wont open back up until California allows more than 10% occupancy …. pretty much because the profit isn’t worth it to be open and pay their staff. It’s the only gym chain I know of that is doing this in in Cali. It happens to also be a huge and fairly financially secure gym, as far as I am aware of. While I see small gym chains or mom and pop gyms, all opening up. At the same time I’ve watched how horribly my main gym is treating their workers and it’s upsetting as well. They would not allow their trainers to continue to train their clients during quarantine (I’m talking about wouldn’t allow them to stay in touch virtually or through text or anything to continue to help their clients so their clients didn’t fall off their fitness journeys…. even despite many clients who wanted help on what to do at home…. the employees were not aloud to help because it wouldn’t make money for the gym AND if a trainer were to help even for free… they would be fired…) so for the sake of profits and merely the pride of not letting trainers offer help at a time of need to their own members with this very special circumstance …. this company is just completely selfish and lacking a moral compass and compassion for the health of its own members. It’s just upsetting. I won’t be naming any company names here because I’m not here for that. I just want to give an applause to all the struggling gyms out there who continued to care for their clients health and needs during this time and a thank you to all those gyms for the sacrifices they have made during such a difficult time. I wish the best to them all and hope they can pull through this. – #backday #shoulderworkout #backworkout #gymworkouts #gymmotivation #gymworkouts #backworkouts #gymbackworkouts #backandshoulders #shouldersworkout #backexercises #shoulderexercises #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #gymhelp

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In the caption of the post, Michie instructed her trainees to perform four sets of eight to 10 reps each. She also asked which of her followers still don’t have gym access, adding that her fitness center sent out a notice that it wouldn’t reopen until the state of California allows more than 10 percent occupancy. She expressed her disappointment at the actions of the center.

The post earned close to 10,000 likes and several dozen comments within the first day.

“It’s all so crazy but thank you for continuing to post lots of workouts for everyone during shutdown! Miss you,” one Instagram user commented.

“I love how you show what muscle you are targeting because I think that helps people so much!” another follower wrote.