Charly Jordan Sizzles In Several Skin-Revealing Outfits, Including Skimpy Bikini, In New Video

Instagram model Charly Jordan posted a new video to the popular social media site on Tuesday, September 15, in which she modeled several different outfits that showed off her enviable physique.

The first outfit was a long-sleeved cream crop top that flaunted her toned tummy, which she paired with matching shorts. The shorts included a thick waistband that rose to just underneath her belly button and extended to the tops of her thighs, leaving the length of her lean legs exposed. She changed into a pair of light-wash jeans with a high waistband and a hole at the knee. The pants emphasized the curves of her hips and backside.

The next outfit was the jeans paired with a white, sleeveless top that left most of her abdomen on display. It included a tie at the middle. Charly added a black hat to complete the look. She then switched into a brown, ribbed shirt with wide sleeves that extended past her hands. She once again flaunted her lean midsection and went braless, showing off the outline of her chest. Changing into a tiny wrap skirt next, Charly spun around and gave her followers a show of her muscular thighs and calves.

A long black dress with a slit up the side came next. The dress featured a low neckline and spaghetti straps. In the next shot, Charly was seen in a skimpy red string bikini that barely contained her cleavage. The bottom rose high on her hips and left plenty of skin exposed. Charly wrapped a colorful scarf around her waist before tossing it aside and putting on a gray sweatshirt, cropped just below the chest.

The final looks were a pair of darker-wash jeans and a bright white shirt and then a neon yellow half-sleeveless garment that teased the bottom half of her abs. Throughout the entire video, Charly left her blond tresses loose and flowing down her shoulders and back. She accessorized with a variety of bracelets and necklaces.

In the caption of the post, Charly told her fans the video featured outfits from clothing company Revolve. She added they were some of her favorite looks from the past months. The song playing in the background of the clip was "Lemonade" by Internet Money x Gunna.

The model's followers loved the new post, which gained more than 300,000 views and 400 comments within the first day.

"I LOVE THIS...YOU are stunning," one Instagram user commented, leaving a bunch of emoji to emphasize their reaction, including several heart-eyed smileys, a fire icon, and a red heart.