Olivia Munn Joins Scantily-Clad Whitney Cummings In A Sauna For Steamy Photos

Actress Olivia Munn looked like she was probably really hot while posing in a sauna with a few female friends. But in the double-photo update that she posted on Instagram on Tuesday, it was comedian Whitney Cummings who was flaunting her smoking-hot figure.

Even though Olivia hasn't been shy about showing off her own fit physique on social media in the past, she opted to remain completely covered up for her candid pics with three pals. The foursome were crowded inside a small sauna. Hardwood paneling covered the walls and low ceiling, and a slatted bench ran along at least one of the walls. Olivia sat on it with one foot up on the edge of the bench.

The X-Men: Apocalypse star was dressed in clothing fit for wintry weather. Her warm ensemble consisted of a heather gray sweat top and a pair of charcoal gray athletic pants with large pockets on the sides. Her footwear was a pair of tan hiking boots, which she wore with black socks. She left her glossy dark hair down.

One of Olivia's friends, Dollface actress Esther Povitsky, crouched down on the floor, hiding most of her body from view. Whitney, on the other hand, stood up so that her scantily-clad form became the focal point of the photos. The comedian wore a white sports bra with skinny shoulder straps and a plunging scoop neck that showcased her sweaty decolletage. She also sported a pair of beige lace underwear with a mid-rise waist. Her skimpy mismatched ensemble displayed her taut midriff, toned thighs, and ample bust. Her hair was dyed fuchsia and pulled up in a messy topknot.

In the first image, comedian Annie Lederman posed with one hand on the former Chelsea Lately star's glistening chest. She was also clad in her underwear, which were black. She teamed the undergarments with a dark gray tank top.

For the second snapshot, all the women crowded closer together. Esther and Annie stuck their tongues out, while Olivia covered her mouth up with the sleeve of her top. Whitney shot the camera a sultry look.

While Olivia occasionally thrills her fans with photos that show her sporting skimpy swimwear, she revealed that she purposely bundled up so that her pals couldn't photograph her in a state of undress.

"More proof you're a robot," her fuchsia-haired friend wrote in the comments section of her post.

"Dress for the job you want, in your case 'Park Ranger,'" read another remark about Olivia's unusual sauna wear.

"Not even a drop of sweat. Amazing," a third fan observed.

"Uff too much goodness in one picture," said a fourth admirer.