Anllela Sagra Teases Fans By Dropping Her Towel And Revealing A Racy Red Corset

Instagram model Anllela Sagra teased her 11.8 million followers with her latest racy post. The video, which was posted on Tuesday, September 15, saw the celebrity approaching the camera wearing what many assumed was nothing more than a fluffy white towel. Anllela then did a classic bait and switch. However, the lacy red corset underneath was certainly not considered too much of a let down by the majority of her supporters.

Anllela started the clip by holding a towel in front of her chest. A stunning gold choker was around her long neck. She paired this with matching hoop earrings and a variety of other golden jewelry on her wrists and slender fingers.

With an added sparkle filter to the video, her long brunette locks were highlighted as she teased her audience by moving her arms forward and away from her body. Finally, she let go of the towel. It dropped from her grasp, revealing a red lacy strapless corset that hugged her form and plunged down low in the front, showing off plenty of her cleavage. She also wore a tattered pair of denim jeans.

Sticking her tongue out, the Instagram sensation then raised her arms above her head and started moving her hips in time to the music that was playing. Anllela gave her fans a broad smile as she dropped her arms down to the top of her head at the end of the clip.

As soon as Anllela posted the update, her followers were quick to respond. Within 12 hours, the video had amassed a whopping 148,900 likes and more than 2,000 comments from her adoring fans.

While some fans were not impressed with the fact that Anllela was clothed underneath the bath sheet, there were plenty more that could see the humorous side to the post.

"U got me," one follower wrote in the comments section.

"Tease!" a fan declared.

"Beautiful Lady," another user stated.

"Why u play with [our] emotions," a fourth person joked, also using several of the crying-with-laughter emoji throughout the comment.

Many of her followers also opted to use emoji in order to convey how they felt about Anllela's clip. The most popular were the fire, heart, and heart-eye ones. However, the crying-with-laughter one also featured prominently.

While Anllela originally rose to fame by posting her fitness and workout updates on her social media account, she has been changing things up lately. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the celebrity showed off some noticeable underboob in yesterday's video update. Wearing a peach-colored sweater, Anllela danced around, almost revealing more than she intended.